I promised two articles on what Kenneth’s nature is. The video I saw  was made in private surroundings, for a woman, and as such shows a vulnerable, feeling inducing human being. I wouldn’t publish it for this reason, and, as mentioned, I suggested Jed removes it.

At home and surrounded by a crowd out in the world – Jed is quiet, focused and serious. He doesn’t mix with strangers and keeps to himself. He is not what you would call ‘the life and soul of the party’. However, in the company of those he is comfortable with – Jed is a different person.

2016 Sihanoukville, Jed McKenna Photo (4) I saw his interactions with Chris, both on video and in person, as well as in one of the bars where himself and Chris often go to play pool. There Jed looks very confident and dominates the scene somewhat. He leaves short instructions and seems to expect them to be understood and carried out. I once told him he is a control freak, and the way he runs his affairs, forum including – confirms this. He is definitely no pushover and has a very intense field around him when he is surrounded by others. He easily ignores strangers, but is friendly to those he knows well. He has a very tight circle of friends.

I remember Jed’s account of when he used to be  married. He once left the dinner table because he was feeling bored, left the guests to be tended to by his wife and went upstairs to sleep. In other words, Kenneth does what he wants – when he wants it which he equates with being a human adult.

Doing what one wants – is completely understandable to me. I do exactly the same. I don’t suffer fools gladly, and Kenneth has certain contempt for humans, which he once expressed to me. I understand the reasons for our similarity in nature. At some point I asked him a question about it, and he said he keeps it a secret from everyone, which suggested to me he understands the significance, but is disinclined to talk about it. His propensity for keeping secrets and being tight lipped very much reminds me of my son.

People may question the story I am conveying, and I suggested this would happen regardless of any evidence. All I can say… on the name of my son – all of it is real, factual and accurate. I do not deal in fantasies, and in some areas my level of comprehension is advanced beyond what Kenneth (Jed) can see.

Someone once made fun of the fact that Kenneth could have said he always learns from me. This mocking makes it evident to me just how much humans hold the man on a pedestal, away and above anyone, without being consciously aware of this fact. Here, for those:

11.08.16 Always Learn

Saw a bumper plate that read, ”Women need men like a fish needs a bicycle”. 

Thanks for sharing, I always learn from you writings.

Love ya, Jed

And through him I learnt what it means to be human and that the question ‘What am I?’ pales in comparison to the question ‘What kind of human am I?’.

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