Now would be a good time to mention Chris.

Chris is around 40, nearly half Jed’s age, quite a bit taller than Jed, wears glasses, smokes. I had the photos of him (see below) before bumping into him and Kenneth (Jed) at Mike’s Burgers, so I already knew who he was. At that time he had his hair shaved off in a crew cut manner, which made him look a bit rough.

I don’t know how much he knows about Jed’s life before Cambodia, but he obviously knows that Kenneth is Jed McKenna, the guy who ‘wrote the books’. Chris got registered on the forum in November 2015, but only posted once about re-arranging Jed rants, which was last month (June 2017). His post was later overwritten by Jed. He communicated with a few forum members via PMs and told a couple of little white lies.

Chris struck me as two things. On the one hand, he seems to be flighty, someone who could lose his temper easily. On the other hand, in Jed’s presence he is  very meek and silent. I got the impression he was ‘owned’ by Kenneth, in a sense of blind devotion. This was my perception at the time when I saw them together, but also from the video of him with Jed. At some point in the video Jed grabs Chris’s arm and forcefully pushes it out of the way, which Chris completely accepted.

Something connects these two, and it is not just a mere ‘friendship’ between two guys who like to play pool together. I might have a hunch or two, but since there is no confirmation – I will not speculate.

Note: Chris died from a heart attack last summer (2017), just as the Enlightenment Myth website was beginning to take shape. He died without ever having learnt the truth.


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