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Kenneth’s (Jed’s) friends and followers are very loyal to him and immediately jumpt to protect him should someone digress. He has an undeniable grip over people’s perceptions of him where anything is forgiven and explained away. After all, he says there is nothing to forgive and no one to blame, right? Which is correct from Eternity and a complete cop out from human Reality. Charismatic personalities is what always scafolds this symbiotic relationship between ‘men of vision’ and their admirers. After all, Jesus is reported to have been followed by large crowds whenever he stopped to preach.

But a curious phenomenon emerges from it all… those who do break ranks and depart – become assholes with a stubbornly nurtured faith in own path, exactly in the same manner as the person they left behind . I would include myself in this category, and before anyone jumps to conclusions… you need to check this statement against your definition of  an ‘asshole’.

There are  certain things related to Kenneth (Jed) activities here which I won’t talk about. I have no evidence, and to look further into things would mean diving into very murky waters, as well as throwing considerable resources into it. Anyway… Mike, one of Jed’s friends. He is NOT Mike’s Burgers Mike, a different man.

I haven’t met him unlike Chris, but know about his existence. Some of the photos came from the videos that Mike took of Jed. Who is Mike? He is someone who runs a website devoted to nightlife and women of South East Asia. His videos record girls walking the streets, sitting in girlie bars, doing the pole dance, dressing in his own bedroom. He zooms in on girls’ interesting bodily parts as they go past him in the street unaware. He travelled extensively around different countries here. Mike 1

There is a name for men like him in South East Asia – a sexpat.

I presume Kenneth (Jed) and Mike have a good relationship, considering that Jed appeared in a few of Mike’s videos depicting the nightlife here. I don’t know what this friendship is based on.

Let me add this. I am aware that we are not responsible for what other people, friends or not, are up to in their spare time. I have friends here (or what one would call the closest to ‘a friend’, since the notion is pretty meaningless to me now), young males who indulge their fantasies in full. Being a female naturally excludes me from having those same interests of ‘quality’ time with bar girls. Right now I am being asked to come to Pattaya with a gang of thirty year old males, and perhaps I shall do that, in the name of research.

Does Kenneth indulge? After all, he wasn’t caught ‘in the act’, right? Mike 2

I don’t know of anyone here who doesn’t. Those men who don’t accept the scene (and I have known a few) – usually leave the country. The rest…. Kenneth once said on the forum that these days he gets enough of everything, including sex. He openly discussed ‘getting it up’; it was said casually, and good on him for being able to get it up at his age. BUT. He lives in a country where 70% of population is below the age of thirty and where people will do anything for that bit of cash.

Note: The photos are from a few of Mike’s videos.


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