I am glad to have got to this part of the encounters story, because it is the last one that took place and, hopefully, the last one ever.

While our very first meeting was Jed’s serving, this last one was mine. It took place in June this year (2017). It was Sunday, and I was lounging at home when I received a phone call. On the line was a friend of mine who was aware of the story and previously saw Jed’s photos. He said ‘I think the guy you were talking about is here in Phnom Penh. He is on the Riverside right now, sitting in one of the cafes with a laptop. Come and see for yourself’.

By the time I got to the Riverside Kenneth (Jed) had already been gone from that cafe, but my friend told me the street he went to. I then decided to go into one of the street cafes which had a good observation position and wait for a while. Some people sit in cafes here all day long without any identifiable purpose, but I had one. I went into one of the corner places, ordered a coffee and sat down. Because of its corner shape the cafe allowed one to walk through it to another street and cut busy street traffic, but it was not obvious to a first time visitor. You have to have been here before to notice this, and I didn’t…….. until Jed did just that.

Over an hour passed. I was flipping my mobile, checking things online and people watching; many came and went, but no sign of the man. Then… he walked right in, alone, looking very serious as usual.

He wore a checkered blue and beige shirt and three quarter pants and looked purposeful, ready for the evening. The cafe is located a few hundred metres from the Riverside and a walking distance to all the hot spots in Phnom Penh. Perhaps, he didn’t see me behind one of the columns and so headed straight for my table. I noticed slight hesitation twice, the first time when he realised I was sitting right where he was heading, but he carried on and walked towards the table. The second time he hesitated when he was passing the table, and we looked at each other, both quite solemn. For a fraction of a second it seemed like he was going to stop and say something, but that didn’t happen. There was a tangible wave of intensity on both sides, neither said a word. I lowered my head back to my mobile phone, he walked right past me to the back of the cafe into another street. It was clear he knew his way around. I didn’t turn back to look at him and made no attempt to follow (that would not be acceptable to me). And that was that. I stayed for another twenty minutes and then walked back to the Riverside.

25.06.17 Cambodia, Phnom Penh Riverside
25.06.17 Cambodia, Phnom Penh Riverside

The photo to the right is a snapshot taken there half an hour after the encounter. I took it because I sat down on the grass there and spoke to someone online about all this, and sent the photo to show where I was.

Of all five encounters three were completely accidental, one was Jed’s wish and one was mine. Kenneth had no maturity in him to say ‘hello’ to someone whom he encouraged to come over here, whom he had been talking to for a long time and bumped into a few times.

And I have no wish for these to repeat themselves. Why? Because Kenneth (Jed) will never take off the Mask, and I am not interested to know anyone who wears the Mask. There is no judgement here on my part. There is simply clear realisation that people never change at core.

But I never wanted some such change. I wanted to see the real Jed without a mask. I wanted to see things as they are, and I got just that.

The rest of the section will look at Kenneth before Cambodia. I am very sure there is no one out there who gets the man’s Mind in the same way I do. Energy never lies, and I sensed the energy way before his Houdini nature began to manifest, of which there is a record. This is why I registered on the forum, unlike others. I wanted to see if it was correct, if what I sensed – was real. This intimate understanding allowed me to place my search in the right places that yeilded the ultimate result of Kenneth’s identity. That, and a sheer amount of dumb luck. I simply knew his inclanations and interests, the fact which Kenneth found quite curious. I said to him this once ‘Because I know you and your needs’ in reply to a question he asked me. Arrogant? Whatever.

How does one know? Here:

Title: Re: GromerCop
Post by: Jed McKenna on September 05, 2014, 06:29:03 am

Dear GC:

I am touched by your sincere sharing. But whoa, sorry to hear I am being too gentle with you. I’ll have to up the anti.

Please don’t take this as bragging (well, do, cause I am SOOOO SMART),  but I have a strange talent for understand an unusual amount about someone from just an email or two. You, and most others, including me, are not as clever at hiding as we think we are. The human being is an instrument of remarkable sensitivity even thought we treat it like ****.
Love ya, Jed

‘You, and most others, including me, are not as clever at hiding as we think we are.’

Yes. You see…  I have the same talent as Jed, being governed by the same energy. I just don’t use it to extract.

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