This particular article touches upon one of the two things of great importance to Kenneth (Jed): business. I personally find it a curious phenomenon. Unlike Ekhart Tolle, Jed is not really interested in amassing a fortune, and yet… highly questionable business dealings have been part of his activities for most of his post TR days. Money matters have a grip on his psyche, and some of you who dealt with him either through the Navs Series or otherwise – may have noticed that.

Trinco, Fishermen at Work
Sri Lanka, Fishermen At Work

 The fisherman of men… Let’s be clear first, Jed’s forum has  always been a business enterprise, regardless of what his audience thought/believed the intent was. The audience believed (and continues to do so) that Jed is set out to help those anonymous internet strangers too fucked up by life and their ‘search’ for the pink elephant. Yes, but to help whom?

There are different types of business engagements as far as Jed’s present enterprises are concerned:

The First day of Christmas.

Books of course. Wisefool Press claims they have sold well over a million copies. What’s more, there is now a drive to push the sales in the direction of commercial growth. Here:

Wisefool Drive 1

“Jed McKenna’s books have been underground classics starting with the first one in 2001. Now that both trilogies are complete we are making a major worldwide push to help these books realize their full potential alongside Tolle, Walsch, Chopra and others that dominate the global spiritual marketplace. This project can earn you significant ongoing royalties. Visit our website and see for yourself.”

Spelt out in black and white. I am giving free advertising space to Jed here, because no doubt some of you would be tempted to join Jed’s ‘spiritual marketplace’, spread the ‘word’ and receive ‘significant ongoing royalties’, all the while convinced that you are contributing something of value to this world.

The second day of Christmas.

Or forth. On the forth day of forum’s existence Jed posted a Jed Rant titled RFP (Request for Proposals). It is interesting that Jed used his ‘spiritual’ forum, an online ashram as he calls it – to request business ideas. You will not find this thread anymore. In view of my assault on Jed’s true realities it was deleted in June 2017 within two weeks of this website’s existence, when Chris/Jules reorganised the rant threads. But I have a copy. It goes like this:

Business Proposals Thread

Title: RFP (Request for Proposals)
Post by: Jed McKenna on August 29, 2014, 10:35:03 am

Dear Members:

Being in the position I’m in (whatever that is) I’ve been approached by a number of folks over the years who are interested in pursuing business ventures by way of joint venture, partnerships, or otherwise. The vast majority of their ideas didn’t meet my selection criteria but some have and are currently in the works. I do like to hear folk’s ideas and welcome private communication at Please use Commercial Ventures for the heading.

Regarding my selection criteria, I won’t disclose that as it gives people an opportunity to tailor their presentments. Not what I want. Having said that, I think that most folks can make a pretty good guess at my criteria anyways.

Just one more point, I am not seeking any money (just don’t need it) but I am seeking infinite games as opposed to finite games as written about by Carse.

Love ya, Jed.

Some of those business proposals came to fruition. There are humans out there who are dealing with Jed in a commercial manner. Those enterprises are of a conventional nature, as in ‘bricks and mortar’ in physical Reality. Jed is not ‘seeking money’, but infinite games. Those that bring money.

For the record.. there is nothing wrong with doing business, as long as it doesn’t masquerade as something else.

The third day of Christmas.

The forum was set up with an intent of being a recruitment ground from day one. Approximately one month after its establishment Jed got confident there would be enough interest in the Nav Series. The announcement generated  considerable feverish-like excitement and anticipation, to the point where some members started offering all sorts of help and gifts. The enticement was a proposed ashram in Cambodia. The stipulation was that only those who completed the Nav Series ($$$) would be invited to the ashram. A brilliant tactic appealing to normal human curiosity whereby Jed positioned himself as a carrot.

Of course, the ashram never materialised. I predicted this eventual outcome in 2015, and there is a record of it. If you notice Jed doesn’t mention it anymore. He gave me his reasons for it once, and the reasons were personal and quite sensible.

There are possible other ventures here in Cambodia, but I haven’t looked into this any further.

There is nothing new in the realm of business ventures and fraud, and there is nothing new in the field of selling ‘spiritual techniques’. I once expressed it as ‘psalms for alms’, because it is as ancient as evolution of human consciousness. I guess in the same way Jesus didn’t want to soldier on as a carpenter – Kenneth didn’t want to be a school teacher for the rest of his life.

A change of occupation was called for after the TR event of 1991, which had all the elements of drama and passion, so different to ‘I don’t give a shit’ of today.

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