After my intense encounter with Kenneth (Jed) in Mike’s Burgers where I heard the man speak, someone asked me what Jed’s accent was. I remember I replied ‘soft American’ and immediately began to doubt. Kenneth didn’t sound American. If someone had asked me then to swear in all honesty that he was American – I wouldn’t have been able to, because I was not sure. Not at all.

But if not American…. what was that accent? I didn’t recognise it.

I thought of all possible countries where English was the native language. He wasn’t from anywhere in Britain, I would know that one. Not Australian, there are plenty of Aussies here in Cambodia for me to pick out their distinctive drawl. Not from New Zealand or South Africa, because there are people from those countries that I work with. Not Irish either.

Well… he is Canadian. Born and bred in Vancouver, British Columbia, where he spent his childhood and a lot of his adult years and where most of his activities prior to South East Asia took place.  As someone said recently on a Cambodia expat forum “Don’t forget that Canadians are big travelers and unless they have a big maple leaf stuck on their forehead we all assume they are Americans eh. Get oot!”

If any of you remember, in the first Jed McKenna ‘Enlightenment Trilogy’ there was a passage that said something on the lines of ‘My lawyers would be on to you like pitbulls’. I remember it well because it felt odd, in the same way many things Jed said to me – were odd, out of context. Those were the things that triggered my b.s. detector the most.

The book was published in 2002 when Kenneth was going through litigation battles back in Canada as part of defending his highly individualistic way of living. As I noted earlier, everything uttered, written, expressed – is a reflection of a person’s true Reality as it is occurring at the time. Humans are bad at hiding their inner states even when they succeed at hiding their physical bodies as Kenneth has done.

There are big holes in Kenneth’s (Jed’s) story in the same way there are sometimes gaps in a person’s CV. But there are no people who would come forward and offer any personal account in the same way I am doing. Why? Well.. they can give many convincing and even noble sounding explanations, but all those are fake. The real reason is one and only: the Jed Hook where the exposure would mean losing the connection to Jed, no matter how illusory it is. But it is very illusory. There are no more than two or three people Kenneth regards as of any personal interest to him. The rest – he has no care for, and certainly not if your emails from him are signed ‘love ya, Jed’. The Mask is always on.

All information in the following chapters comes from my research into his real legal name. There are two sources of how I uncovered it. The first one came from all that I figured out about the man, his interests, his physical identity and his psychological makeup. From that I put together a picture that took me to another video where he actually gives his name in full, which then led to all other facts. I emailed the snippet of it to Kenneth, so he is fully aware.

The second source, a solid tangible confirmation of the name – will be published only after either myself or Kenneth leave Cambodia; both are a distinct possibility. I will disclose then what it is, but not how it was obtained, except to say it was in the manner of James Bond sans the martini and the Bond girls.

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