A comment from Dennis was posted in the Facebook group, and I promised to write on that.

One thing I found conspicuous about the books from the beginning has been the lack of any reference to sex or sexual relationships. It seemed a bit odd that deep discussion of the ‘dreamstate’ would avoid that.

I replied that I once made a comment to Kenneth about the ‘no sex in the books’ when it dawned on me why. There is a very ordinary human explanation to that.Here is that comment, made well before I understood Cambodian realities and their connection to Kenneth’s lifestyle, before I bumped into him in a girlie bar and before I found the photos of him in the said bars.

11.09.16 Sex and Books

Yep. On the subject of you and sex… someone once wondered why you never mentioned sex in any of your books. From my observation people don’t talk about anything that’s a bit too close to the inner Reality of theirs. Sex is vitally important to you. Hence, was never mentioned… until you got relaxed in the knowledge that you truly are untouchable within.

People never talk about something that touches the nerve, is intensely personal to them.  Those points of internal trigger are very different for each human. Whatever that might be for an individual – it is always of a confessional nature and takes guts and a great degree of trust to convey. All the chatter that I hear between people and all the chatter here online – is never about those triggering points, a small trivial talk instead, but it can be observed from what people DO NOT say. And as I said to Kenneth once – I read between the lines. As does he.

What is not mentioned – is what matters to you the most.

I also asked him about addictions and he said none.. which I didn’t believe. I was dealing with a human being, and that means an impossibility of addiction absence. Addiction is simply an extreme form of liking something, regardless of whether one benefits from it, or it ruins them.

Part of Human Condition is addiction. If you were born a human – you are subject to addiction one way or another, which will manifest depending on each human’s makeup. There are millions of addictions.

So.. sex. I wrote this after the facts manifested themselves:

13.03.17 Minor Addiction

You are not a kiddie fiddler, don’t have the vibe in you. But there is no girlfiend. There are ‘sponsored’ commodities less than half your age, hired ‘girlfriends’. Some stay awhile, others you let go of fast. A common Cambodian pest then, a sexpat, is that it? I know some, they look as normal humans, except… Remember I said people never speak about something that seems important in their inner universe?  I understand that sex is only a part of it. It’s the anticipation, the woeing, and you are good at it, I saw it. But who do you woe, but little dolls who have no idea about own doll-like status? And sometimes I think.. if I were a man would I do the same? Good taste includes lack of inner capacity for  inappropriateness, would it betray me if I had the appendage, the cause of most troubles in this world?

You said no addictions… not to booze or cigarettes or drugs, sure. Just a minor addiction to the major animal trait. But from your guitar video I also know you need more than that. Compartmentalizing events works short term, but sometimes they unexpectedly bleed into one another, causing inner spikes of energy. Ripples that spead.

But sex WAS mentioned in his infamous dialogue with his sister where she suggested he’d better be careful in not taking advantage of his followers in that way. Why would she mention this and what did his sister really think of her little brother if she suggested it was a possible scenario?

Who knows. All I know is this: one cannot take a human out of a human. Seeing Reality for what is also means seeing humans for what we are.

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