Krisan“Young men rebel, then grow old and turn in for a beer. More men are born, rebel, grow old and turn in for a beer. Rinse and repeat.”

This line is running through my mind when I look at the photos of Eldon Warman, the man whose ideas Kenneth took to heart in his distant past. Those of you Canadians (I have quite a few visiting this place, some from British Columbia) may have heard the name.

In my fallout exchange with Jed in 2014 I mentioned this:

And what else I guessed… and don’t get me wrong, it ‘came’ to me, through seeing your hints all over… one word came to mind ‘revolution’. Not talking about the bloody stuff, but what you have in mind is pretty damn big.

Another thing is… you do not see what I see… that all these will ALWAYS fail. No exception. You are fighting the Source.”

This was said from the depth of my being, purely from sensing a specific type of energy behind the books. The energy felt too fucking familiar, tasted like something I had already known, but of course I had no idea then of Kenneth’s past life and interests. Yet, I got it right on both accounts: revolution and failure, the marks of a man who would grow into self after having lost.

I know very little about Kenneth’s (Jed’s) life as a young man, having chosen not to look into this extensively. He was born in Vancouver in 1947 (I have the full birth date), was adopted, married young by today’s standards (in his early twenties), spent some time travelling with his wife around the world, returned to Canada. He got a degree, from my vague recollection of the content of his books and from his involvement in selling some products back in Canada –  in chemistry, but I would not swear on this one and wouldn’t research it further; it is not important.

He had a child who was home schooled, because at that age Kenneth was already thoroughly disillusioned by the nature of the world and especially official institutions of any kind, schools included. And I don’t blame him. My personal stand-offs at school and elsewhere remind me of this vigor of youth. The only thing that saved my ass was the fact that I had always been one of the top students, and fuck me, have no idea how. I honestly consider myself of average intelligence and have no discernible talents in possession.

Kenneth worked as a school teacher for some years, and around that time life began to feel and smell like sewage. There is a blank in that part of the story. I know that some people could fill it in, but they will not. Eldon, for one, who was instrumental in putting out some ideas which got picked up by young intelligent Canadian minds and attracted Kenneth’s attention.. But now Eldon is seventy five, likes cats, has a house and a crude and risky sense of humour of the man who is too old to give a damn about much except his extended family. His extended family is just as rebellious and runs the same slogan as Jed’s ‘fuck it all’. The above image is one of the examples from Eldon’s niece.

Well then.. back to Kenneth. From what I know about the man’s sensitivity and natural emotionalism – his First Step was almost certainly a result of a relationship breakup, a spiral into agony and a subsequent ‘Truth exists’ dawning. Who was Lulu, the name he dedicated his first book to? No one will ever know, except Lulu and the man himself, but trust me… this kind of book is not born as a result of a job loss or a business failure or even a near death experience.

It is always the result of another human slipping away from you. Relationships with others often become our turning points in life.

Someone rather blindly said this to me in an email:

“you might look at your own preponderance toward painting reality into black and white. Jed’s friendly puppy universe kind of sounds like a pit bull universe the way you tell it.”

What many fail to see is that Kenneth’s universe is BOTH a friendly puppy and a pit bull, and painting it black and white is not what I am doing. I am giving you the real man, and as I said on Facebook We are all normal people trying to make sense of own humanity. I wanted to show that Jed is normal too, beyond the books, sometimes flawed, sometimes divine, sometimes cruel and senseless and at other times devoted and considerate. Human.”

Humans find it hard to see that there are always more than two sides to the coin. ALL sides need to be seen in Clarity and accepted for what they are, instead of a ‘pick-and-mix’ of a ‘devil versus saint’ mind frame.

Because guess what? As subject to Human Condition – we are both, and the message of non-duality, when undistorted by mind games, is very simple: you see all sides, and accept them as whole. One. But they have to be truly seen first.

I will talk about Kenneth’s ‘after TR’ progression from the New Age bullshit to political activism to business ventures to financial scamming to… well, failing at everything.

If one never failed at many things – one will never rise above all of them. A path to Vision is a path of failure.

And then a man settles for a beer, a good young kiss and an early (or late, in case of Kenneth) night. The life is completed, and there is nothing left to lose.

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