Sri Lanka, Sigiriya Lion's Rock
Sri Lanka, Sigiriya Lion’s Rock

In 1998, after wandering around in the ‘post’ Truth realisation and trying his hand at many different things Kenneth finally partnered with another two men and joined the movement of Canadian detaxers. The question of money and finance has always prominently featured in the man’s agenda. Tax matters was something of interest to Kenneth for a long time. He stopped paying income tax in 1978 and had been successfully avoiding prosecution which was an achievement, considering that tax collection agencies are quite uncompromising in stripping citizens of the significant portion of their earnings. Did I say ‘Houdini’?

I will not go here into a debate of the illegality of income tax, which was the main argument of the detax movement. It seems the whole movement was hinged on ‘hear say’, going back to the history of the British legal system. Neither will I talk about the ethical considerations of money collection and redistribution by the state. My point is that Kenneth has never been a ‘don’t care’ individual, at least not in the way humans tend to perceive it from his book words.

Did I ever believe his ‘don’t give a shit’ image, which many take as a sign of non-involvement? Nope, not from what I know about his inner workings. Here is the exchange I had with the man back in 2014:

06.11.2014 Don't Give A Shit 1

Title: Re: Gromer
Post by: Jed McKenna on November 06, 2014, 02:01:26 am

Hi there:

Well, I understand, except for the use of the word ‘authentic’. Something inside goes, ‘What is that, what does it mean to be authentic?’.

As I write, I come up with my own definition, ‘I don’t give a ****’. I define that phrase very specifically as follows, ‘There is very little or no ‘me’ involved in this hence any outcome is fully embraced.’

I don’t expect everyone to understand where I am coming from, but, I don’t give a ****’, and at the same time,

love ya, Jed.

06.11.2014 Don't Give A Shit 2

Title: Re: Gromer
Post by: Gromer on November 06, 2014, 03:45:19 am

Dear Jed,

If it works for you – it’s all that matters. But let me not believe you (not that you care). I don’t need the theoretical Carse, you give me plenty to go on here.

You said once (forgive me if I butchered it) ‘And my lawyers would be on to you like pitbulls’…

REAL ‘don’t give a ****’ means doing nothing to influence that outcome. Walking away.
You don’t accept ANY outcome in your life, do you? Or else why try to affect it? Then again.. it was many years ago, you may have deepened into my world. But I don’t think so.

Does Acceptance for you mean accepting that something is UNACCEPTABLE, and changing it? Because that sure sounds like that to me.
In short – you do give a ****. You just don’t run a story around it.


Yes, that sure sounded like that to me: attempting to change what one personally deems  unacceptable. The gist of the ‘don’t give a shit’ philosophy is NOT in not giving a shit about anything, but in not being attached to the outcome of whatever one does (the story). Kenneth treated his political activism movements both as a serious business and a bit of fun. The seriousness of it manifested in aggressive advertising and eventually charging for the ‘knowledge’.

The way it worked:

1. Create a lot of stir in general public regarding tax matters. Convince as many as you can that income tax is illegal, and that it can be legally avoided.

Naturally, those interested will start asking the question ‘how’. ‘How can we stop paying this significant chunk of our earnings to the state? Please tell us.’

On the surface it looks iconoclastic and noble. Let’s stop the state from fiddling with our money. Keep it all. The question is not really about tax per se, but about what the state DOES with all the tax money, which is to say: wastes a significant portion of it. At this point we can admire Kenneth and his band of ‘three why’s men’. They used to call themselves as such, for catchy slogans are important in promoting the brand, ANY brand. But things get a bit hairy from there on.

2. The question ‘how’ is addressed by the response ‘let me show you how, and it is going to cost you.’  In those early days the guys realised the power of the Internet, set up a few websites and started rolling out the ‘education kits’. The ‘kits’ comprised of written instructions on how not to file your tax returns and how to confront and chase away tax people when they come knocking on your door.

The costs:

Detax Products Kits

There are more kits of a similar variety, and then there is a big one: Heuristic Trainer Series (Kenneth seems to like the word ‘Series’) where ‘the student is trained to find out things for themselves’.

Recommended donation: $900. There were other, higher cost ‘kits’ as well.

Detax Products Heuristic Trainer

Can you feel the early signs of the future book here, its philosophy which ultimately manifested not in writing about ‘money matters’, but finding a more receptive and fertile market – that of ‘spirituality’?

You will, when I go over other, ‘advanced’, projects that the guys had in mind.

Recommended donations are not a very stable source of income, and one needs to sell a lot of them to make any reasonable living. So….

3. Spread the word. At some point the detax movement gained significant momentum, with ‘seminars’ running in all major Canadian cities. The guys were selling the ‘technology’ and ‘techniques’ (note the same word Kenneth uses when talking about his spiritual Nav Series) to those eager to save every dollar. The seminars cost upwards of $400 per person, and at a few hundred people in attendance… hmm.. where is my calculator?

Detax Meetings 1

The guy who talks about fear ‘in a soft and gentle manner’ and who calls for ‘a plan’ – is our future ‘Jed McKenna’, after TR, but before the first book. Under the pseudonym with a few different ways of spelling. He always liked a bit of a mystery.

The way it ended

It ended. The detax movement proved unsustainable in the long run. The tax authorities did come knocking, and many people did end up with hefty fines for tax evasion, as well as the loss of property and possessions. There were violent standoffs, as well as long drawn court cases, but it changed nothing. And that is why I said to Jed recently ‘That’s not how revolutions are made. I should know, I am Russian by origin after all’. But was it really about ‘revolution’, this clever fiscal scheme under the guise of a political and ethical movement?

After some years and thousands of people having paid the price for the stand, the merry men of detax community moved on to other, bigger and better things, with more earning potential.

As I said… we are fighting the Source, and I have no doubt very few understand what I mean here. It is not about the conspiracy theories of the lizard state and the New World Order which Kenneth also fully indulged in via his acquaintance with David Icke. It is about what one Mind (or two, or three) can incite in others, and where they can take those others if their own minds are of a trickster variety. Hence, my absolute and unshakable trust in one thing ONLY – the power of my own reasoning. My trust in – Self and its ability to discern which is why I didn’t pay a penny to ‘Jed McKenna’.

Kenneth also ended up in court, which will be the subject of the next article. Those of you so inclined can now go and search for his name, but there is no need. I will release the name soon, as I would like to finish writing this particular commedia dell’arte where, like in a classical comedy – humans wear masks and no one can be taken at their word. But I feel a certain obligation to deliver what I promised to deliver.

I simply wanted to present information in a way which makes clearer the progression of the man from an inwardly anarchistic wanderer (a trait we share) to someone tightly focused on making a living no matter the means and the ends (something where we depart quite abruptly).

The vast majority of people do not pay income tax in Cambodia.

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