Kuala Lumpur, Day Cityscape
Kuala Lumpur, Day Cityscape

Before I move on to Kenneth’s (Jed’s) first court experience which concluded in 2003 and which found a strange reflection in his books, it would be interesting to see his other numerous and widely diverse activities.

Here is a snapshot of an attempt at manufacturing and sales. This particular example goes back to year 2001 and  concerns manufacture and distribution of domestic ozone generators that used to be popular on the wave of newly found interest in alternative therapies. Notice a promise of a donation. Absolutely EVERY activity Jed has conducted – always had a promise of a charitable donation to some good cause, including his multi million financial scam operation. Now it’s Cambodian mines and Cambodian children.

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Oz GeneratorEven though the efficacy of treating environment with ozone specifically in domestic settings has been disputed, it is not the focus of this article. As I said Kenneth tried his hand at many things, and there is nothing wrong with that at all. But it seems that the future ‘Jed McKenna’ approached it in a cowboy fashion, in the same way he executed many other ‘business’ ventures: irresponsibly and without much concern for the end customer.

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‘Byron Fox was out of the ozone business for a number of years, flogging expensive detax programs that he had mostly cribbed from a free site put up by Eldon Warman. Since that has gone in the crapper, he is back selling low powered generators for cheap.’

I vaguely remember from reading Jed’s first books that he read chemistry or engineering (chemical engineering?) at university. The above, combined with his past interest in anything ‘alternative’, seems to confirm it, although I do not have his university degree and so this is a theory. I say ‘past interest’ because it is really just that – in the past. Life gets progressively simpler along this strange route of seeing.

What is NOT a theory, however, is the name ‘Byron Fox’ he used and was widely known by at the time. It managed to leave a trace even across the pond, in far away Australia where Kenneth had found himself at some point. I will publish the evidence of a connection between Kenneth (Jed McKenna) and Byron Fox later on, and I promise it will be a good one. You will enjoy it beyond measure, some of you have already found the name, but I bet you –  not all the interesting things which revolved around it, and which finally distilled in the name ‘Jed McKenna’ and his fantasy infused books.

I personally didn’t need to know the facts that will follow, to know that Kenneth is our guy. I figured out the man’s mind well before I saw the facts which confirmed it, and this is why I always maintained his identity as that of Jed McKenna is true. The problem with humans is that the majority have the psychological depth of a paper plate and have no idea about own inner workings, leave alone anyone around.

I have no idea why he was and is so irresistibly attracted to business, as true business is not his strongest suit at all. But the business of a human mind is a given for the man. The origins of mind altering ‘technologies’ (Jed used the same word ‘technologies’ back then) started during his involvement with the detax group. It provided him with a platform to try it out before culminating in writing the first book and subsequently in his current product – The Navigator Series.

Which is a business of a different variety. The Game of a Mind searching for self, and it will never be short of takers. The Infinite Game.

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