Cambodia, Kep Durian FruitAs mentioned in the Facebook entry, Kenneth (Jed) kissed plenty of spiritual frogs in his time, going through every possible New Age bullshit belief in existence.

Below is one of the websites he perused in the 1990s; I find it incredible that it is still in existence. It is run by a man called Joseph Mason who has great interest in all things ‘alternative’ and conspiratory. He might get a shock at the amount of traffic to his website after this, be careful!! 🙂

Crop Circles & 9,11


The visual image to the left is taken from the front page. Over twenty years ago Joseph was sharing his ‘spiritual’ awakening with folks, and Kenneth was in the audience.

If you can figure out the focus of this page and many other pages he shares – you are more intelligent than I am. Most of the external links on the page are long dead, and here is the snippet where Kenneth is mentioned, in his Byron Fox reincarnation. He asked about ego death. I didn’t bother looking for this exchange in its entirety:

Ego Question

The time is mid 1990s,  four years after Kenneth’s Truth realisation moment; yet, here he is, stalking bullshit New Age websites and asking about Ego death. WTF??

From my own experience I know that in the finality of the Big Bang, with its destruction of big questions together with beliefs in the sanity of the human race, there remained a wish to see clearly what had occurred. I would be lying if I said everything became clear instantaneously; it did not. However, mysterious occult New Age subjects occupied my consciousness BEFORE the event, not after.

I still entertain the idea of validity of certain aspects of astrology. My 25+ years of observation seems to confirm existence of human archetypes, although how it is connected to stars – fuck knows. And guess what.. this specifically contributed a great deal to my interest of what and who ‘Jed McKenna’ is, of which there is also a record going back to 2014. The prediction of his energy signature proved to be accurate.

There is always ‘further’, and it seems to me that Kenneth got hammered by his drop into Nothingness, but had a very vague understanding of it in the way I can definitely relate to. What does one do then? In his case – he went looking for further answers among the noble creed of New Agers, with their sandal wood beads and spiritual lingo of far away foreign lands, annoying and fake at the very core. He also read books, thousands of books. In my case – I went to Sri Lanka, got a job, cycled around, thought, swam in the ocean, had a great love affair, munched on watermelons, took photographs, communicated on the forum with ‘Jed’ and gained further Clarity through – basic everyday living. Ordinary, unadorned, devoid of mystery and ‘spiritual seeking’ fog. The lesson was so final that nothing of an imaginary nature could hijack it.

19.09.14 Acceptance

How does one reconcile these two? As someone said ”How does one make it more enjoyable?’

I don’t know, so I dive into the ocean, sensations hit my body – good. I feel the person’s pulse and the intimate feeling of being ONe for that short period of time – good. I taste the mango and the feeling of fullness in my stomach after a meal – good. I wake up fresh (and sometimes not so fresh) – good.

Then I feel a toothache – good, still alive. The motorbike breaks down – good, a reason to get out there. The mobile battery exploded – good, less distraction from people..
what else is there? You tell me what else.

Title: Re: GromerCop
Post by: Jed McKenna on September 19, 2014, 04:55:48 am

Nothing else. Truth is very ordinary and that’s what keeps it hidden. Most folks are looking for something that is special. Truth has a great hiding strategy.

You’ve got to ask yourself.. what does ‘spiritual’ refer to, but the human psyche? And so humans are looking for Self, when they are – Self.

Kenneth has gone through the whole process, but somewhere down the line he also realised the great earning potential in the field of spirituality. His initial attempts at marketing his spiritual business were a bit clumsy, and as of yet – there was no book which could provide him with the undisputed authority of the ‘realised’ being who is beyond and above personal questioning. No published self-proclaimed realised human is ever questioned by those who are seeking his/her counsel, unless the shit hits the fan with revelations of psychological, physical, financial mistreatment.

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