Since Joe on Facebook ran through Youtube and discovered this Michael Coren video where Kenneth stars – I have to publish it, even though I wanted to do it later on.

The video is an interview with Kenneth and his fellow detaxer, the two of the ‘three why’s men’. It took place in September 2000, Kenneth is 53 there. Here in this interview he reveals his legal name.

Kenneth Robert McMordie. Jed McKenna.

Observe the elusiveness. You can do your own research on the Ponzi scheme, it is easy. I will publish detailed information later, but really.. it is out, and all that comes with the name is also out. The 800 people who lost their life savings when Kenneth decided to elope with the funds… the Costa Rica investments.. properties and a lifestyle one can get used to… all took place. Where is the money now? Who knows.

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