Kuala Lumpur, Petronas from KL Tower
Kuala Lumpur, Petronas from KL Tower

It is the year 2000. While playing around with expensive detax kits and working his way through the post apocalyptic landscape (remember this dramatic phrase?) Kenneth  finally conceived the idea of converting his newly acquired state of being in Truth into something more tangible.

As he said to me on the forum once: “There must be a mechanism of some sort that lets you know it’s dark, otherwise, it wouldn’t be ‘dark’. What is that mechanism or strategy? Can you tell me where this Dark side is. A location… after all, everything has to be somewhere.”

That is correct. Everything comes from somewhere, including book writing. The book beginnings, together with the first attempt at selling, can be glimpsed from the original detax website. I find two things particularly amusing: 1. the fact that Kenneth put together those below AFTER his TR event, considering the content 2. ‘spirituality’, although not quite mentioned yet – is found on a website which was dedicated primarily to financial and legal matters. Fantastic.

So. How would you like to become omniscient? Because that was the initial promise, and words of such nature have a powerful pull.

‘We’ll teach you how to do it!’

Omniscient Screenshot

The CIA psychotechnology of Transcendent Remote Viewing available to you at seasonable rates. I don’t know what the rates were, because this part of the website is long gone. It was offered as a programme to those folks who initially took an interest in detax ideas, and somewhere along the way got recruited into the above.

Below is the marketing part of the programme. It lumped together:

remote viewing without ‘funky meditations’  OK, I wasn’t into meditation either. Neither was I into remote viewing.

a ‘strict, but simple manner of writing’  Jed’s future Spiritual Autolysis, something inherently very simple, but made into a complex ritual by silly human minds.

communication with ‘unconscious self’  Well, that is just a marketing jingle. It is unconscious and not available for ‘communication’.

‘belief in Self’  Yes, despite the mantra of ‘no Self’ – there is one. It desperately needs YOU to trust it, or else that mind of yours will be hijacked by other, more creative and unscrupulous minds.

Psych Programme Combined

I am all for the open mind, but as someone once said ‘Do not be so open-minded that your brains fall out’. Again, Kenneth uses the word ‘techniques’, and I suggest you read through the offering, because if you are smart enough – you will see a tiny seed that grew into Kenneth’s first book two years later. As I mentioned before, his first draft was only 40 pages long and not a suitable publishing material.

The course description was followed by a ‘sample course advert’ and a Jed’s signature rhetoric of ‘student’ material.

Sample Course Advert

Note: Ray, if you are reading this.. here is why Jed knew the subject.

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