Things worth doing are worth doing well. Many of you have already looked and discovered. However, I would like to leave a full record for the future, so let’s continue with the story regardless of the recent drama and flights of passion on the part of its observers.

While selling expensive detax kits which placed many silly humans in a precarious position with authorities – Kenneth himself became of interest to CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) in 1999.

He had been avoiding paying income tax for some twenty years while still using public services when needed. It was an impressive display of non-conformity and determination to oppose the state, which resulted in CRA requesting a full audit of his financial affairs. This involved providing CRA with information about his bank account holdings both in Canada and abroad, employment history, earnings from other sources… everything that Kenneth had been concealing for years.

Now, at that point he was only involved in the small-scale scam of detax and ‘corporation soles’, and the unlawfully gained millions were still six years ahead into the future. However, it is reasonable to suggest that he absolutely detested this interference in his affairs from the tax man (as many people would) and decided to put up a fight.

Kenneth’s response was to begin the proceedings against the judicial system at large, which in their various incarnations lasted well into 2006. I am not going to go over the details of all the court hearings. Here is a list of some documents obtained from various sources for those of you with the legal background:

The appeal of 2001: 2001bcca412

A list of court proceedings between 2003 and 2006: PROCEEDINGS QUERIES Kenneth Court Records 2

Federal court docket of 2006: PROCEEDINGS QUERIES Kenneth Court Records 4

and a strange entry of ‘Kenneth McMordie v. Awan Motors Ltd’ which relates to some commercial dispute that I never bothered investigating further: PROCEEDINGS QUERIES Kenneth Court Records

Around the same time Kenneth began to set up various companies. The interesting details about those are:

  1. All of them were registered to the address of 534 Railroad Street 1617, in Sumas, the state of Washington (NOT Washington DC, for those geography handicapped), which is the address of the local Sumas post office. Sumas is located right on the border of the United States and Canada, not too far from Vancouver.

Sumas Google2. The company names contained the word ‘Foundation’, which has a ring of solidity, respectability and permanence. Then there is the word ‘benevolent’ and the non-profit status filed in the company registry. The drive to enter some serious form of business is evident from this list. Interestingly, although none of them ended up trading, from my research some spawned off financial services websites which are still doing business. I will omit their names here, as it is not clear at this point whether our man is actively involved in their operations.

WA Suma Companies

So here we are. The seeds of a soon to happen involvement in the Ponzi scheme which is the reason why Kenneth left Canada nearly ten years ago and why he may never go back there.

As I said before.. many expats here have good reasons not to be known, which is how I began to question the secretiveness and the mystery of the man.

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