Just over a year ago Kenneth asked me whether I had ever watched this particular movie ‘The Big Short’. The question slightly confused me, because it didn’t particularly relate to the topic of the previous email. Except one bit where I wrote:

23.07.16 Resource Distribution

P.S. Would be nice to blow the system from within, a payback time to the world which has fucked up every individual in existence since the day each human baby was born into it. Generation after generation. EXCEPT… one does not have to shoot school kids or blow up concert venues. Mortal power resides in resources, all kinds of resources. And resources exchange hands. Enlightened beings who understand the phantom like nature of it – could slowly reshape resource distribution in this world.

Kenneth asked then:

24.07.16 The Big Short

Did  you see The Big Short?

Yes, I know. We share this particular trait: anarchistic, non-compliant turn of mind. A few dream-like ephemeral assumptions are evident from this exchange, but I can honestly say it was only temporary madness on my part. The Source cannot be fought. The Blueprint is cast in stone.

I torrented the movie and watched it, curious as to why he mentioned it. There are good reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, and the IMDb gives this short intro to the movie:

Four denizens in the world of high-finance predict the credit and housing bubble collapse of the mid-2000s, and decide to take on the big banks for their greed and lack of foresight.

In fact, I might watch it again. Prior to that exchange I saw the name ‘Jed McKenna’ linked online to some financial services companies, various sites completely unrelated to anything ‘spiritual’. I was curious then, but couldn’t find any further connection and so let it drop at the time. And now there was this interesting recommendation of a movie based on the real life story about an ingenious financial scheme… hmm… four denizens. The film was made in 2015. Why did he take an interest in that?

Except this particular scheme was not directed at banks. After ‘Jed McKenna’s’ real name became known to me I did online research and then contacted British Columbia Securities Commission, requesting further information on the Manna Corporation Ponzi Scheme. I received a reply with the links to the hearing and a 52 page document of the findings:

28.06.17 BCSC Email

Here is the document:


It conveys in great detail the scheme operations and the four participants’ roles, the defrauded investors’ stories and the final conclusion. Page 23 of the document is devoted to Kenneth, who was going under the name ‘Fox’. Here is an interesting passage:

“Fox concocted the so-called “private spiritual common law trusts”. He did so in order to bring Manna’s distribution of loan agreements in compliance through the exemption in section 46(d). Once the trust structure was in place, Fox told investors, directly and through affiliates and consultants, that it made the Manna scheme compliant with securities laws.”

Note the phrase ‘private spiritual common law trusts’. It is inherently connected to the idea of ‘corporation soles’ which is widely considered a misleading legal scam.

Note also this from Kenneth:

“Thanks for email. How did you feel about our meeting with [McLeod]. . . . Let’s ramp this puppy up, high-octane, six gear them.”

It seems ‘ramping up’ has always been Kenneth’s speciality, together with non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements. I remember him ramping up the upcoming of the Nav Series, which resulted in some forum members losing the plot and throwing in the towel, unable to cope with the carrot dangling in front of them for months. I wonder if they ended up doing the Navs?

26.12.14 Mark Magical Voice

F*ck you too Jed. This might all be just a hilarious little game to you, but it’s not a f*cking game to me.

Nobody is forcing you to do what you do. You do it for the same reason everyone does what they do: Because that’s what you want. You’ve been dangling that damned nav series in front of everyone’s nose for months without actually saying anything. It doesn’t work without verbal instruction over skype? That’s some magical f*cking voice you must have. Or maybe it’s the “no pearls before swine” thing. So who decides which are the swine, you Jed?

Am I being unreasonable? Reacting childishly perhaps? So be it then! Because I’m f*cking pissed and I know damn well those are my most sane moments. You’ve known me for over two years now, Jed. I’ll get there with or without your so-called game-changer and I’m not interested in your cambodian ashram. Or maybe I’ll just drop dead before I make it. But time is all we have here and those goddamn writings of yours might save me a lot of it, not to mention a boatload of anguish.

So screw you and your skype calls and your ashram and your clique and your quasi-wisdomesque stoicism and your infinite f*cking games and your “making the next moment just a little more perfect” bullsh*t, and just tell me how much you want for the written material, you sick motherf*cker. I don’t have much but I’ll pay you what I can. Either way I’m done with this place and I’m done with you.

The psychology of manipulation is an interesting subject. If you are not aware of it yet – here on the EM the psychology of manipulation is also in action. The details are released slowly, seeping into your consciousness bit by bit and breaking down resistance to the fact that there are no perfect, ‘enlightened’ humans. There are no humans who know what the fuck they are doing, leave alone knowing what the fuck anyone else is doing, thinking, feeling.

Everyone is at sea.

A temporary order against the Respondents was made: Enforcement_Notices_of_Hearing_and_Temporary_Orders_PDF_2007_BCSECCOM_349_pdf_

Page 2 states:

Kenneth Robert McMordie (McMordie), also known as Byrun Fox, is a British Columbia resident. Starting in February 2006, investors were instructed to purchase Loan Contracts through “private spiritual common law trusts” created by the Respondents. McMordie gave presentations at investor meetings and was responsible for facilitating investments in Loan Contracts through the purported spiritual trust arrangements. McMordie declared bankruptcy on January 11, 2006. He was found guilty of uttering forged documents, contrary to section 368(1) of the Criminal Code, on January 30, 2007.

Eight hundred people lost a lot of money in the scheme. The four respondents were ordered a fine to the total of $26 million, out of which $6 million was Kenneth’s share. A further criminal investigation took place, in the course of which three of the Respondents disappeared. Hal McLeod was later arrested on similar, but unrelated charges and sentenced to jail. No one knew the whereabouts of Kenneth and another party to the scheme.. until now.

However, I do not wish this to be pursued any further. First, the statute of limitation applies. Nine years lapsed, the money is gone and will never be recovered. Secondly, I don’t want to see Kenneth going through any more legal battles (as much as he seems to cherish them) at his age.

Kenneth always managed to get away with every sticky situation, leaving behind the ruins. He will get away with  his name disclosure. More ‘students’ will come, more money will exchange hands. As he said in his Navs, him littering the street gives jobs to the litter collectors, and it is all perfect. I wonder, however, whether those defrauded humans found it perfect, and whether it taught them a lesson of dropping desire to make quick investment returns. That is also – perfect.

If it sounds too good to be true – it probably is.

Anyway… I am bored with this now. Below is a list of links to the media coverage etc etc., go over those or not. Makes no difference, other than keeping this in mind again: think for yourself.






England, Chepstow Castle
England, Chepstow Castle

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