In the forum Kenneth clearly states the following:

12.09.17 Jed Meditation

I am not big on meditation. I prefer to call it contemplation. Meditation almost always puts one in a pleasant alpha state or to sleep.

This has also been my experience. I never got on with meditation, and in the first week post TR event realised that meditation in itself has absolutely nothing to do with truth realisation, the fact I promptly recorded here.

But let’s look at what was said in real life:

Exhibit Number 2: Kenneth diligently meditates in his spare time

The following is a PM to one of the ex-forum members, sent by Chris in June 2017:

Chris PM Screenshot

Really?? Kenneth spends all his energy on meditation, which he is not big on? It simply does not add up.

Building the ‘right’ image may not have been part of the game plan initially, but once one white lie is born – others are easy to keep constructing. Any little white lies told the audience in the process – are then not considered of importance. Remember ‘importances’, the word which does not even exist in English language in this form? Importance is not important, so anything can be created around facts, and even true facts are spun into a tale which eventually stops resembling Reality.

Chris hasn’t appeared on the forum since his brief involvement. Perhaps, he realised that he is truly out of his depth in this game; he came across to me as someone who is not capable of inventing lies on the spot, despite his obvious devotion to Kenneth.

I will consider those fast spinning tales later on, because they add to the improbable and fantastical tale that is ‘Jed McKenna’ and which he has been creating in the past fifteen years. The game is far from over.

2016 Sihanoukville, Jed McKenna Photo

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