Kenneth is usually prompt in replying to emails, i.e. if he intends to reply – it will arrive within a few hours. But here is an example of a lie dispensed to me personally:

Exhibit Number 3: Kenneth ‘moves to Goa’ while still living in Cambodia

Back in October 2016 I sent him an email. The response came unusually seven days later and did not relate to anything I spoke of in my email:

09.10.16 Goa 1

I replied, but something just did not feel right. The ways in which he words his exchanges are intentionally left ambiguous, with a few possible meanings:

  • I moved to Goa – implying he moved permanently
  • Thinking I’ll stay – implying he is not sure if it is permanent


One month and a few completely meaningless exchanges later I emailed him with one sentence: ‘I don’t think you will stay in Goa for long’. Kenneth responded with ‘Why do you say that?’, and I replied with the following:

09.10.16 Goa 2

We exchanged a few more emails talking about visa regulations. A couple of days later my gut feeling was confirmed. Kenneth placed a google link on the forum a few days after his Goa email, which I didn’t see at the time. The link contained Google Cambodia, those two letters ‘kh’, which meant he was doing the search from within Cambodia.

Why he deliberately attempted to mislead me is of no importance. From my personal experience, if I feel no inclination to correspond for whatever reason, I do two things

1. Tell the person that I do not wish to continue

2. Stop replying

He did neither at the time, instead preferring to spin another red herring. Well, I didn’t buy it and was proved correct.


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