I would like you, the reader, to concentrate from now on, because the following few chapters will demonstrate the process, the players, the separate individual dots which have been connected into a fully cohesive and clear picture of how the ‘Jed McKenna’ franchise came to life.

We all have been rather lazy in engaging our mental faculties when, in contrast, Kenneth has kept his fully intact, while professing the loss of Mind. This is what makes him superb at circumventing any inquiry: humans see the obvious and pay no attention to the hidden.

I tried to view this entire story from a different perspective: that of someone who perceives benefits of what Kenneth is doing. His sincere desire to help humans overcome the limitation of blindness? His disinterest in material compensation? His straight forward, no nonsense way of fact delivery? His transmission of own ability to use the mind – to others? His welcoming response to any questions that challenge him personally? His sincerity in the way he addresses everything?

No. The above simply does not ring true. I see none of those things, because all of it is cloaked in secrecy. And secrecy always stems from one place only – that of deceit. No one needs to know the details of private life of another. But when extreme secrecy becomes a TOOL in extracting something from others, be it material or psychological benefits – I smell a rat.

There have always been two men behind the character of ‘Jed McKenna’: Peter Sweeney, a former resident of Iowa, and Kenneth McMordie, a Canadian with a colourful past.  Until Kenneth opened his forums, and until I came on to the scene – Peter managed to stay under the radar, but not anymore.

Both men contributed to the tale in their own ways. You, human… you have been trying so hard to emulate a CHARACTER from the books, a mirage of a literary creation, a joint venture born as a result of two human minds seeking to enter the market and just plainly… seeking their own place in this universe. Jed McKenna does not exist. Anything written in Jed’s name – is a tale, including any disclaimers, suppositions, environment details and the message itself.

One writes his/her own message. The so called enlightenment is merely a process of maturation of the human mind. It cannot be forced in the same way one cannot will their wisdom teeth to grow faster. It takes place as and when a human is ready, has accumulated enough life experience, enough pain and disappointment. Then suddenly the blindfold falls.

No other human, book, word or deed can give your Mind maturity before your Mind is ready to evolve. No other human has a right to invite you to the process of forcing your self to evolve before you are ready to do so. You are wasting your resources, both inner and outer, on trying, and are missing Life in the meantime.

Life – teaches. Nothing else. If there are questions in this life journey, it would be sensible to ask those whose wisdom you perceive as real. But to try to forcefully break into own Mind by inviting complete strangers to meddle with it – is insanity.

You are all insane, for lack of own guidance. Humans deserve a Jed, and as a long history of ‘spirituality’ shows – many more Jeds will come. And all will stay the same, as it has always been.

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