As stated before, two men participated in the creation of the Jed McKenna myth. Let us now have a closer look at the players.

The first part of the equation:
Kenneth McMordie as ‘Jed McKenna’ Number 1.

I never used Facebook prior to bringing this website to existence. When Facebook went public in 2006 I looked at the concept and said to myself ‘There will be nothing of me in this place’, and there hasn’t been. I absolutely lack herd mentality and desire to be known to the wider audience for the sake of it.

However, Facebook can be useful in other ways, so in May 2017 I made an anonymous account and joined one of the groups, at the time devoted to Jed McKenna and his writings.  The purpose was to let people know about the EM, and this is how I met Frank.

Frank (his real name) placed a disparaging comment on the lines of ‘wannabe’ and ‘another clueless person claiming to have met Jed’. I cannot remember exactly what was said, but we started talking. Unlike most people Frank was constructive in our conversations, looking to see what is, instead of looking to dismiss out of hand the information I was sharing. It turned out Frank’s first comment was testing me to verify if what I claimed was genuine. He did it because, unbeknown to me, he had contacted Wisefool Press and some non duality people weeks before my appearance, had gained some information and wanted to see if what I was conveying – tallied with what he had.

We compared the notes. It tallied. For instance, one of those people said to Frank that Jed had told them he lived in Cambodia. We are talking about the people who gave endorsements to Jed McKenna books well before the forums came into existence, and who never participated in Kenneth’s forums.

One name kept coming up in those accounts: Marc. Chuck Hillig and Jerry Katz both mentioned the name, but neither were willing to say anymore, and we went through a few potential ‘Marcs’, until two things happened.

First, I received an email from someone who talked about a man whose book Jed edited and got paid for. He didn’t mention the name of his friend, and I placed this information on the backburner, because there was no way of verifying any of it then.

Second, someone placed a copy of an Amazon book review in my Facebook group, and later on Reddit. There was a bunch of those reviews for some of the most well known non duality authors. All reviews were written under the name ‘Ken’, and some had a signature:

14.09.17 Peter Ralston Review

14.09.17 Tom Stone Review.jpg

Ken McMordie. If you notice the last entry mentions PTSD. Kenneth once started  a PTSD thread on the IG forum and attempted to run another group for PTSD. I don’t know what happened with that group, as it got quiet and was never mentioned again. Would be interesting to learn how it unfolded and why it was never followed up. I remember that in my usual uncooperative manner I wrote to Kenneth and shred my way through the whole idea, but that is beside the point.

Now, we had a man named Ken reviewing some of the most well known non duality books, but so what, right? Anyone can review books, and there are many people called Kenneth out there; how was our Ken connected to Jed McKenna?

The review of Marc’s book on Amazon looked like this:

14.09.17 Marc Leavitt Review

There was no name ‘Ken McMordie’, but there was something else. This review was EXACTLY the endorsement blurb printed out on the back cover of Marc’s book – under the name ‘Jed McKenna’:

02.09.17 Marc Jed McKenna Endorsement

Kenneth stated that Marc experienced ‘genuine enlightenment’. From what I know about Marc now – it is true. The man has no interest in anything ‘spiritual’, holds a full time job, has a family, is interested in the immediate, real life experience of what is and has never offered any ‘teaching’. His is a genuine immersion in what life has to offer, and from my perspective that alone makes his claim to enlightenment true. ‘Chop wood, carry water’.

Marc wrote the book to get it out of his system, and that was it. He also comes across as someone straight forward and very real. How do I know? Frank corresponded with Marc, as a result of which we now have the details of the story. The story was corroborated by this independent account I received from one of Marc’s friends PRIOR to Frank’s  correspondence with Marc:

14.09.17 Marc Friend Email 1

As mentioned above, I didn’t explore this further until Marc’s name started coming up in others’ accounts, and the details of those accounts matched exactly what Marc’s friend relayed to me in the email above. Then the penny dropped.

Frank took it upon himself to write to Marc in order to see how this Amazon review came about and what connected the two men. In the course of this correspondence is became clear how and why Marc had known ‘Jed McKenna’s’ true identity, but never spoke to anyone about it.

That is until he learnt what he called ‘unseemly’ facts from his correspondence with Frank and from looking at the EM website.

See the links below and stay tuned for more to follow.

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