Marc Leavitt has no interest in Jed McKenna and the unfolding story. The two men have not communicated for years, even though way back they got along quite well, and their correspondence amounted to hundreds of emails.

1-26.08.17 Marc Leavitt

Frank and I were interested to learn more about Marc’s involvement with ‘Jed’. It was reasonable that Frank would be the one to contact Marc and enquire further, because I tend to be too forward in my written correspondence, which can and does rub people the wrong way.

This is what Marc had to say:

2-26.08.17 Marc Navigator

Note that he mentions Kenneth’s plans to start the Navigator Series. We needed to know how Marc contacted Wisefool Press, and what kind of response he got from them. Marc clarifies here:

3-02.09.17 Marc Editing

This account corresponds to what Marc’s friend told me independently, weeks prior to direct contact with Marc, so we had no reason to doubt Marc’s honesty. I withdrew the contact details here, because where they lead – raises a question of other types of business involvement on Kenneth’s part, which is beyond the scope of this article.

Marc had an ongoing business/friend relationship with Kenneth years earlier. In the course of their correspondence the two men exchanged many ideas and thoughts. Kenneth put forward his suggestion of the Navigator Series and an ashram, which Marc was not enthused by, and Marc shared some ideas for his next book, which he believes Kenneth ‘borrowed’ and incorporated into his ‘Theory Of Everything’.

‘Theory of Everything’ was published in May 2013, two years after Marc and Kenneth collaborated on Marc’s book. Plagiarism of ideas? Possible, considering that Kenneth’s previous detax endeavours involved taking and spinning Eldon Warman’s ideas, that Hal McLeod, and not Ken, was the mastermind behind the Ponzi scheme, that Kenneth’s current Navigator Series borrows from Richard Bandler’s neuro-linguistic programming (another fucking fraud who shares the same energy with us and all the trappings that come with it). On this last one – later.

Marc delivered his promise and forwarded his book editing screenshot where the name Mr. Ken comes up in a square box, just as he described:

4-08.09.17 Marc Book Edit

I want to state here that Marc hasn’t expressed his explicit permission for publishing some of his emails. He was honest in his responses and simply said he would help in any way possible. However, it would have been impossible to demonstrate Kenneth’s connection to Jed McKenna without making this information public, and I am taking full responsibility here for having done so. If those directly or indirectly involved in this ‘mystery’ were just as straight forward as Marc earlier, it would have saved more humans from falling into this elaborate fictitious scheme.

If you still think credentials don’t matter, ask yourselves if you would apply the same ‘don’t matter’ attitude to the credentials of a doctor who is treating you from a life threatening disease. But it leads to a bigger question… Is the message true? Is ‘Jed McKenna’ or, rather, his creators – enlightened? Am I enlightened? Was the Buddha enlightened? Is the merry wagon of non duality folks enlightened?

What does it MEAN to be enlightened?

Get real.

Note: Kenneth.. thanks for posting that Carol’s video. There were clues in it.

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