18.09.17 Navigator Module 4 Screeenshot BindSome of the EM readers have invested so heavily in the story that they now expect fast car chases, international drug cartels, a few corpses in deep wells of Honduras or Cambodia and some climatic finale where they can drink from the cup of Lady Drama (or should I make a nod to Kenneth and say ‘Lady Maya’?) and quietly orgasm over the last details of this opuscule.

Come back down to Earth. The Jed McKenna story is no fiction novel, and Reality is always prosaic and very ordinary, even in the presence of the said corpses. Your desire to immerse in the grandiose is born from within the prism of the human mind, with its misused capacity to fantasize into colourful scenarios. If you don’t believe me – take a look at Facebook, a perfect model of human mind un-Reality that pushes away the real in favour of the fantastical.

Before I move on to the last chapter of ‘Peter/Jed #2’, I would like to mention the Navigator Series. After the Wisefool Press ill-reputed disclaimer the Nav Series PDF modules and the corresponding contemplation recordings were made public and placed in Google cloud for all to peruse. I personally found this move distasteful, in the same way I found distasteful the move to publish Kenneth guitar video on Facebook, from where it started making rounds to other digital worlds. In both cases there were different reasons for my somewhat averse reaction to those deeds.

The Navigator Series were subsequently much dissected, maligned and rejected by those who expressed disbelief that the author of the brilliant books could be writing what was called spiritual drivel, unimaginative, simplistic, immersed in ‘love’ message etc. etc.. Someone even compared the author of the Navs to a school teacher on the verge of a mental breakdown. The collective Hive Mind deliberations ended in one firm verdict: there is no way Kenneth is the author of Jed McKenna books.

Let’s put aside the new evidence to the contrary, it is not relevant to what I want to convey here. I have read the Navigator Series and listened to some (not all) contemplation recordings and can say with absolute resolve that everything expressed in those is true to the state of beingness. Yes, BEINGNESS. The armchair philosophers’  analysis has been conducted from behind the lens of restless human minds still trapped in the cranium crate and, hence, unable to perceive anything directly.

The Navigator Series are not perfect. They are in need of good editing and some serious trimming, not to mention numerous grammar and spelling mistakes. I found it quite funny, because I tend to make exactly the same mistakes when writing fast and not checking my work. Some concepts are drawn out, and some are simply too difficult for humans to grasp, when they are still intellect bound and unable to perceive direct meaning. They are unable to do so because they have NO EXPERIENCE of what is being expressed. Thus, has been a problem of every ‘teaching’: top to bottom processing. Every teaching envisions that humans will contemplate their way up to the top, but unfortunately, this simply never works. If one has no direct experience of, let’s say,  tremendous G-forces exerted on a spacecraft when it climbs through the stratosphere, how can words make them truly PERCEIVE the said G-forces? Impossible.

Any teaching stumbles at this, which is the reason why I say: go back to self and start small, with trust and assurance that YOU can find answers to every question asked, and then all the questions will disappear. It’s a lone path for those who are serious enough, and hand holding will only prolong the agony.

The Navigator Series makes sense to those who have truly crossed the threshold. I personally know of only three people in my immediate life, one of whom is Kenneth. All, myself included, arrived at clear seeing through much pain and suffering and not much in the way of satsangs, teachers and and books. Some reading certainly took place, but prior to that – it was pure life and its lessons.

If anything, the Navigator demonstrated to me once more that Kenneth is, indeed, a human living unbound by Mind. It doesn’t mean an inability to think. It means an ability to directly perceive Reality, without the lens of mentation. But can the Navigator Series take anyone into clear vision? I doubt it. No teaching can, no matter how well written, conducted, conveyed. The fall of a blindfold is always a chance occurrence.

Can the Navigator Series help step closer to that point in time where all becomes clear as daylight, and you laugh hard at own stupidity? What Kenneth once called ‘make yourself accident prone’? Again, it depends entirely on an individual. A chance occurrence.

Got that? Hmm.. maybe not, but what do I care.

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