Nothing. I have no further interest in the story.

It was an unusual experience. Much of what took place, including the solid confirmation of Kenneth’s name and origins – remains undisclosed. Running through the night streets of Phnom Penh… a tuk-tuk chase (there was a chase, after all)…  shady expat characters with dubious connections that had to be filtered out… Kenneth’s regular visits to the capital ‘on business’…. his numerous local ‘lawyers’… his lowest denominator private explanations of my ‘motives’ despite a publicly displayed ‘hug’….  his energetic signature and how it largely informed my intuitive understanding of his mind, which is why I knew him to be the author in the absence of any concrete evidence then…

There may be a book in all this, and indeed, a few people suggested this to me. Further investigation would mean entering into a real and perhaps dangerous territory of the ‘now’. Everything I have ever touched here in Cambodia – turned into a mirage, the land of smoke-and-mirrors that requires further resources and a great deal of time, neither of which I possess in abundance.

I was not interested in the book, but once, many moons ago I said this to Kenneth:

28.10.14 Gromer Movie

The question that I posed in the above about finding a cinematic language for the subject – is unanswerable. Every individual’s experience and a way of life are utterly subjective, the Atman. We collectively try to pass it on, to communicate it, but just like in that analogy of G-Forces – these attempts fail, because YOU know nothing of my experience, and I know nothing of yours. We haven’t lived each other’s experiences. This is why no true communication ever took place, no other human will ever ‘get’ you, and no human connection is real, despite human craving for those.

When people attempt to make deductions as to another’s state of being based on just one activity they observe, it inevitably leads to error of judgement, and I will not say anymore on this.

Is ‘enlightenment’ real?

Yes and no. It is exactly what it says on the tin: en-light-en. The light has nothing to do with googled pictures of elevated beings emanating rays of bliss. The light is akin to the light bulb in one’s mind; it is suddenly switched on as if the ‘room’ inside your skull became illuminated. You gain inner vision, undistorted and indisputable. One can see all as is, without adding to the picture.

Is one ever ‘done’?

Yes and no. As I stated from the very beginning, the vision was absolutely final. The mind opening becomes irreversible, with no going back. “Once seen – cannot be unseen”. The mind has an infinite capacity to evolve into further seeing, further understanding. This is your ‘further’. It never stops, but one cannot be half enlightened, in the same way as a woman cannot be half pregnant. There is a point of no return.

Are there any techniques to force the mind to open?

Yes, and no. There are training methods to make one a much better athlete, and one can spend a significant portion of their life preparing for that big Olympic Games event. But does it guarantee that this athlete will win the Olympic Games gold medal? No. Grace decides that, or in a simple, non connotational language – Chance.

Is the world ‘post enlightenment’ bleak?

It was suggested by someone from what I wrote on this website. It is both bleak and wonderful, just like Life itself. It is both seen as one. When the big E sellers speak of it – they come from the Eternity perspective, because in Eternity nothing exists, it is cold, bare, loveless, lifeless and deathless. The Brahman. The language and the methods used – are unfamiliar to most people, dragged away from their feverish sleep; they bewitch, keep enthralled and contribute to the sales figures as a result.

Reality is much simpler.

The story is complete. I have a backlog of emails to reply to, but other than that – I have nothing else to say. There will be occasional new articles on the EM, with a view to keeping the site alive, so that Google could continue to index it, or else all this information will become inaccessible to those who search for ‘Jed McKenna’. I want the story to be known, and if you want to contribute something constructive – take others here and let them see the story. The rest is out of anyone’s hands.

Keep breathing and stay alive, you only get one chance. Eternity can wait.

Below is my ‘enlightenment’ song. The party is over.

Kenneth….. yes. Always.

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