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Disclaimer Promise

I came to the Invisible Guru forum without questioning whether the man behind it was the real author. From my interaction with who we now know as Kenneth McMordie I concluded two things:

1. He was the author.

In retrospect, the mistake was made because following the Big Bang I didn’t read the Jed McKenna books. I saw Reality, but not the explanation of Reality, which is what the books and intellectual debates around their content represent. As a result, in my interaction with Jed/Ken I missed the fact that he was very subtly replacing Jed’s various stances with his own.

For instance, book Jed dismisses Ramana as another maverick of illusion. I came to the same conclusion in the first weeks post Big Bang and stated that much in my Facebook interactions. In contrast, Kenneth recommends Ramana’s incoherent bullshit as a go-to manual. Huh??….  How can anyone in the right mind miss the fact that Ramana’s ramblings in their essence are nowhere clear as to the true nature of things? And why do you think Western minds are bamboozled as a result? They are stupefied exactly by this lack of Clarity, coupled with the cultural divide.

Now, a few years down the road – the books content is transparently clear, both from the intellectual view point and from the point of real life. But back then… freshly cooked, but unable to rationally utilise the newly found attributes of own open mind, I undoubtedly got swayed. Well, fuck me.

2. Something about what the forum was turning into – did not feel right.

Kenneth’s expressions did not feel right, and I protested to him on many occasions. The way the forum was set up – did not feel right. It was based on the principle of secrecy/division, where people could hardly communicate with one another and compare notes. The very EXISTENCE of the forum did not feel right. From the guy who stated in the books he was done with the teaching??.. I accused ‘Jed’ of betraying the books, of becoming a lie, and that is how the ball started rolling.

I have to give it to Kenneth: he has been fooling and will fool many more to come. Days ago I emailed the EM link to some newbies on the Invisible Guru forum who missed all the fun of last year. Results: I got one reply below.

“Thank you for your good intentions. I actually think the message is more important then the messenger, and I see that this Jed, real or unreal, is presenting us with the real deal and helping us to see for ourselves. I think that is very noble and nice from him, and see that he puts in lots of effort to do that and helps a lot of people in this way. So it is rather unimportant for me if he is the “real” Jed, or someone else. Any how, we are all one, so to be frank, you are Jed too and me also. It is all imagined 🙂 “

Cute. Another forum member promptly requested the Navs participation from Jed/Ken. The rest remained silent. One can only shrug at the extent of blind refusal to even consider the information. When I joined the forum back in 2014 – there was none available.

Having said all that.. the real Jed lied too. No one is free from Life as is, and the more intelligent the Mind – the better the lies.

  • Jed McKenna lied when he started churning out more and more books. By having done so he devalued own statements about being done with the writing and by now has contributed to the Game of ‘I am enlightened. You can get ‘it’ too.’
  • Jed McKenna lied when he congratulated YBS on his ‘enlightenment’. No rational mind would do that, and no truly clear mind would suggest ‘teaching’ as a natural progression. By having done so he devalued his own stance on ‘non teaching’.
  • Jed McKenna lied by not making the disclaimer more definitive and unambiguous, while knowing that the fraud was in his name, and the money is exchanging hands. It seems like a tactic to divert attention from self, but at whose expense?
  • Jed McKenna lied by maintaining  anonymity, as a result of which he remains the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain: beyond and above any scrutiny. I honestly don’t give a fuck about the books’ content. I give a fuck about who people ARE. Here. In this world, full of many dubious characters who claim that none of it is real because it conveniently serves their numerous hidden agendas.


Both YBS and Eva claimed to know who the real ‘Jed’ is, but presented no proof. However, after having traced YBS actions around the Internet concerning the matter I concluded that his account was consistent over a period of many years. For instance, on the old Kenneth webs forum he was the guy under the name ‘EnlightenedNoOne’. I find it fascinating that this exact phrase was chosen by me as the logo for the Enlightenment Myth website.


There was also YBS’s comment on Brian’s Jed McKenna blog, which I read a few years previously, where he gave a short account of meeting the real author. YBS appeared in the wake of the IG and EM drama with the same story. Considerable time gaps between the appearances made me think YBS’s story checked out.

BUT. There was no proof. To state anything in support of either side was not possible.

I had the entire old forum webs site sent to me some months back, and it is a truly fascinating read now, with a clear perspective and the understanding of what was really taking place. Like YBS, there were some people who categorically stated that the man running the forum was an impostor. Look at this one, for example:

Sandy Cutter

Their posts were met with disdain similar to how the IG forum members reacted, and how, in fact, most people initially reacted to this website. Many questioned, but no one had the patience and the guts to really look, and no one had the temerity to state the findings.

Now then… tell me why the majority of great thinkers did not like fellow human beings much.

The disclaimer is coming.

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