There are three people who made it possible to bring the story of Jed/Ken to its finale. Two of those wish to remain anonymous, and I cannot reveal the nature of their association with Kenneth. The third person didn’t mind to be quoted, but if I did that – it would point in others’ direction, so I chose to keep all names private. I had two hour long Skype conversations with my correspondents and feel grateful to them, first, for having had the courage to contact me and, second, for conveying sometimes difficult to face facts.

It was also amazing to recognise how, once again, dumb luck had played into the picture. What are the chances that out of nearly eight billion people ONE person would accidentally come across the EM website and six months later realise that someone in their immediate surroundings has the definitive answer to the question: did Kenneth McMordie have anything to do with the conception of Jed McKenna books?

In August 2017 Wisefool Press placed their ill-reputed disclaimer on the website. It caused more confusion than clarity among those who watched the story unfold. In the wake of the incredulous reactions on the Invisible Guru forum and the heated discussions on Reddit and Facebook Kenneth decided to give his own private account/explanation. He distributed the backstory among some of his Navs students, the details of which finally ended in my inbox. “LONG and convoluted”, quoting one of my correspondents.

I noticed that most details closely followed the random bits of information one could find when placing Kenneth’s name into Google search. Perhaps, Kenneth did his homework to see what exactly comes up with his name, and followed the script. The details were outlandishly eye-popping, some – impossible to verify due to the nature of the claim, and all of it a mixture of fact and fantasy.

However, someone who has known Kenneth closely for a very long time, including the time when the books started to come out, was able to shed light on the details. I ran the story past them, reading the passages from it. In the course of our conversation I learnt a lot more about the already known facts: de-tax involvement, work and family history, what exactly happened during the Ponzi scheme and after. Here I will relay mostly what is directly relevant to his (non) involvement with the books. After all, this is the main focus of the EM website: Reality at large and the reality behind Jed McKenna books.

Fantastical tales

The premise of the story was that Kenneth worked for the Canadian equivalent of the CIA, and his most major life events (detax movement, Ponzi scheme, non payment of taxes, Private Investigation agency) were staged by the said organization. My source, upon seeing this claim, said without hesitation “I call bullshit on that!”, which is exactly how I saw it. The details did not ring true, if one has some idea of how the intelligence services work, and especially if the job involves high status political figures.

I am curious how the Canadian Intelligence agencies would react to these big claims. There were quite a few lost souls in the past who claimed exactly the same. Different countries, the same statements and schemes, such as this Floridian chap:

Meeting P.Sweeney in Vancouver

Kenneth claimed to have met Mr. Sweeney in 2000 in Vancouver, where Kenneth was supposed to co-sponsor David Icke’s infamous lecture. The first incarnation of Wisefool Press website goes back to 1999 when the upcoming publication of the book “Enlightenment: The Damnedest Thing” was first announced. The publisher stated that the first discussion of the book with the author took place that year. This is one year earlier than Kenneth’s claim.

Apart from the dates mismatch, there is the fact that at that time Kenneth had no financial means to sponsor anyone. Instead, he was looking for new sources of income; the detax movement was coming to its logical end, the Ozone generators idea was shut down by the authorities, no permanent income was established as a result of those activities, and Kenneth was facing the court case for non payment of taxes.

My source tells me that Kenneth knew David Icke in some superficial capacity, but the name of Sweeney had never been mentioned.

Kenneth co-authored the books

I found it strange how Kenneth could have found the time to write the Trilogy when he was so thoroughly engaged in many time consuming enterprises in Canada. Writing books, especially books of such calibre, requires the investment of much time and research.

 My source states that Kenneth had never written any books, let alone the Trilogy books. Unfortunately, I am unable to give more details here, in order to protect my sources, but given the nature of the source – I have no doubt they know what they are talking about and conveyed true facts.

Kenneth was the model for the books

Kenneth claimed that he introduced Mr. Sweeney to the terms ‘spiritual autolysis’ and ‘truth realisation’, and that very few knew about his status as the ‘truth realised’ man. My source tells me that ‘truth realisation’ and ‘autholysis’ terms were never mentioned or discussed. Kenneth never claimed ‘enlightenment’ to those around him, but he was very interested in the subject.

The truth of Kenneth’s general alignment to life was expressed as such: “He always sold air”. Which is EXACTLY how I had come to see Kenneth’s activities, both past and present. I felt a sense of gratitude to the person, because that same phrase kept running through my head for weeks and months: selling air. Do you remember those tomatoes from an empty cart that Kenneth once wrote about on his old forum?



“I feel that a blog-type site utilizing your emails may be appropriate but who knows what will happen. You can check back here as I intend to write more when called for. I’m also thinking of inviting other contributors, with a focus on the aforementioned folks as a starter. I am not the last word on ‘Truth’ as there is no last word. However, I am rather intolerant of folks who are trying to sell tomatoes from an empty cart. You won’t find them mentioned here. For those who think I am arrogant and full of myself, you are only half correct. I am full of you.”

There is one touching phrase from above, which reveals the true nature of the man, “For those who think I am arrogant and full of myself, you are only half correct. I am full of you”.

Like the mirror, Kenneth reflects to humans a lie that they are, a restless psychonaut traveller who made it his life’s work to attempt to understand own virtuous sinfulness. A fragile romantic with the wings clipped by human Reality, he embodies the Dark and the Light of the Human Condition and its inherent inescapable duality.

As stated, to reveal more details would mean that my sources’ identities will become known. All I can do here is to place the following disclaimer in BIG letters:

Kenneth McMordie, the host of the Invisible Guru forum, had nothing to do with the Jed McKenna books.

  • He did not write the books.
  • He was NOT the man whom the books were modelled on.
  • He did not know any of the people involved in the books production.
  • He was not ‘truth realised’ at the time he read the first book, although he was a highly aware human being.
  • The endorsement of Marc Leavitt’s book was a lie. The real author stated there was only one book on ‘enlightenment’ he endorsed, and it wasn’t Marc’s.
  • There was no money saved and hidden away in the Ponzi scheme.
  • He does NOT donate 95% of his earnings to Cambodian charities.
  • Peter Sweeney did NOT write the books.


There is always a choice: the survival driven human animal OR transcendence to the level of conscious awareness, where being human means more than just being a beast. Animals walk the earth with their noses firmly pressed against the ground, in search for the next scrap of food. They attempt to survive at ANY cost in the absence of any other viable proposition. And us, humans? Is there another way?

The author himself turned out to be someone with a shrewd business sense and a questionable indifference to fraud simply because it played in his favour. Does the  ‘enlightened’ state mean ‘each-for-themselves’, where personal conduct is seen as without having consequences, a ‘carte blanche’ into an all permissible existence?

Hitler Poster

WHO are we as species? What are YOU?

What kind of human am I? Truth will crush most, and this is why humans look for its colourful pretty substitutes, promises of an ‘enlightened’ state that has nothing to do with Reality.

Truth is ugly. Be careful what you wish for.

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