The content theft occurred on 21.09.17. The entire EM website content has been copied and placed on dropbox as a downloadable file.

The shared Dropbox .zip file of Enlightenment Myth contents returns the following:

Dropbox 1

The link is still up and has not been deleted. So is the reddit page which gives all the backdoor tricks to access the EM, although the actual link to dropbox has now been removed. This is the reason why I am not publishing a snap of the page here.

Dropbox clearly states below that files can be shared only if they were personally created by the user, or there was permission to the user by the owner.

I have not given such permission. This constitues theft.

Dropbox 2

The file has been shared among various participants, as is evident from this message, as well as the limit on downloads reached by the dropbox.

Dropbox 3

I cannot continue in the face of such complete disregard for what I have delivered so far, and any future, possibly dangerous implications. There is REAL LIFE taking place here in Cambodia, not a movie for you sitting behind the computer monitor and reading these words on the screen in the safety of your room. You simply don’t have a clue, and I cannot make you see the reality behind it all.

Unlike the other parties to the story – I am not attached to any particular view or outcome and was interested in the TRUE account, not in the dramatic account. But someone wants to keep the drama going and maintain only one side of the story.

I have no interest in the drama. The rest of the story will remain unpublished due to the theft. There will be no return of the website. To go further, and yet to continue making it public is simply unwise.

You get out what you have put in. Nothing.

See ya.


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