Can someone put this person out of their misery? They have been a member since the IG forum conception, started a few threads asking for ‘direction’, with the subsequent nonsensical exchange, tried ACIM (a fantastic spread of premium spiritual drivel), read all ‘Jed’s’ books and learnt the total sum of nothing from anything.

The thread goes on and on, with no sign of any independent thinking. Four years on, pushing forties now, time to grow up, perhaps?

Humans ask what human adulthood is.. Try to take some responsibility for own life and death, to start with. I can’t believe just how stuck in the head some people are. What is human adulthood?? Well, it is definitely not a concept to chew on. Any life form, from a simple virus to the great apes, is more of an adult than human children. The world owes them nothing, they ask for nothing from the world and do not enquire how to become a grown-up. They just become one.

Except human beings.

Chun-Lan Sheng