I had no intention of mentioning Chris’s name until I saw his red letter moderator ‘Chris The Seeker’ on the forum.  The name has been changed to Jules today, since Jed is very protective of this particular individual.

The first registration date is the same in both cases. If one looks for Chris/Jules forum posts – there are none.  However, if you look at Chris’s screen.. his first post was June 12, 2017. Where IS that post? Well, Jed rewrote it with own name the following day.

ChrisThe Seeker 16.06.17Jules 19.06.17

How is that in any way relevant to anything? Jed lets no one handle his affairs. The fact that he installed Chris as his forum moderator shows a great degree of trust. While Kenneth (Jed) mocks human relationships – personal loyalty seems of great importance.

How so? Chris will lie in the name of maintaining Jed’s guru image, which he has done in his forum PM communications.

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