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10.09.17 Winston

If Jed who wrote the books is stating that he has nothing to do with making himself available online, in any way shape or form, other than writing books, well, Im not buying that. NO one knows what they are going to think, do, whatever next, and do you really believe that an author who has claimed quite a status in the stating some truthy type pointers wouldn’t take a peek online, and do you think he would admit to perhaps making himself available. One maybe awake, but that doesn’t mean that they are going to tell the truth, and be all **** saintly. I remember online a Jed who someone close started rambling, what ever bubbled up, was at times written as occurring, post jumping, and in 8 months of this, till the identification with this content that identified with itself (the duality of self) snapped, and this obviously pseudo JED, said about 30 words. He wasn’t about holding the persons hand. In fact the person was freaking out about dying, and ended up having bouts of chest pain, and rather than going to hospital, they faced agonising pain and dying, till the thought of, okay, your prepared to die, but is fear preventing you from getting it checked, bubbled up in thought, and straight away they went to hospital, and yep, heart attack, and this Jed who did make himself available, ended up responding with a single word, namely CONGRATS. lols.Now in Winstons view, that response is perfect, like ****, the dude took copious amount of drugs to block his pain, he smoked, he played hard, but was totally ego bound, and suicidal, and responded to Jeds words of JUMP< incinerate your world, and Jeds response of congrats implies, that in truth, there is nothing at stake, and anyway, I heard from someone else who also ranted to this guy, and complained they they never respond. See a Jed can pick serious, and if JED here is impersonating Jed, who is also impersonating Jed, then Im all for it. BY the time you’ve read this post, you’ll realise your the one who wrote it. JED.

Anyway, if this is about jed, albeit bitching about some possibility that Jed here is not THE Jed, then your doing yourself a diservise, and conveniently so. See people think the teacher is important, when in fact, its getting serious, cutting the crap, getting honest with yourself. DO that, and Jed will appear, or someone like him, if and only an if, if its a need be

Sorry if these words are inappropriate in anyway Jed, just bubbled up, and felt like the thing to write.

‘Just bubbled up’… The level of mental hygiene, or shall I say, un-hygiene in action. One human, spiritually parroting another human’s stance of ‘who gives a fuck’, and reprimanding others from his ‘elevated’ perspective when they question the identity. I wonder if he applied the same level of carelessness to the credentials of the doctors who saved him from the heart attack.
Whose approval are you seeking, Winston, by posting your little number, with its little apology of inappropriateness?
Dolly The Sheep.

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