If you want to learn how the myth gets born and spreads in the first place, in real live action  – have a look at this thread on Invisible Guru forum, specifically from page 16 onwards.


I have been observing the action for the last two weeks or so, waiting to see two outcomes:

  1. The person realises  how crazy and deluded they have become.
  2.  Alternatively, they would continue to keep spiralling into a mental black hole.

It seems to be the second outcome.

The sad thing is that the person in question was SO CLOSE, from what he wrote in the past. Ah well… I hope his page will remain online or he will save it, and in a few years time will look at it with a new perspective: that of utter amusement.

Alas, the damage would have been done already. Why? He wants to ‘teach’. Good luck to his future victims in the unfortunate event his ‘teaching’ comes to bear fruit. Now, I ask you… just HOW MANY MORE such minds took up the role, stated ‘I am enlightened’ and went about spewing nonsense? How many more are doing it right now?

“I feel like my wisdom is higher than Jesus, PR, Nis, Nan

Paralell to Ramana

Lower than Fritz and Jed

Jed higher than Fritz”

I also wondered if Kenneth would do a descent thing by saying ‘Nah mate, it ain’t it. You are fucked’. Nope. Dishonesty is also a ‘natural state’.

He said instead ‘Welcome home my friend’.

Observe and come to your own conclusions.