Hahaha, how could I have missed this gem?? As I keep saying ‘Come to Cambodia, and I will show you what you are made of’.. and ‘I cannot get why it is so hard to see’….. Kenneth comes up with this:

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You said: I guess I feel like there should be some kind of thing showing up to show me what to do, or a purpose or patterns or something.  I dont’ know.  Divine guidance, something.

I am a little flummoxed with with what you said. What do you think this forum is about, the books, the series, great writers such as Ramana and Nisargadatta? There is guidance all around you but you fail to open your eyes. I mean ALL around you. I just don’t get it. If you are interested in pursuing H/R and T/R then get off you high horse and quit wasting time. Do something about it, like dealing with your resentments. If you think your life has been “rough the whole way” then buy a ticket and come here, I’ll show you rough!

Love ya, Jed.

Clear Vision is hard to beat. I don’t get it either why what is, this Reality – is not so obvious, because for God’s sake,, you live it every day. If one wants to see – there is nothing that will stop them from seeing. I know from own experience where the veil fell in less than two years. Everything goes.
And when I say ‘everything’… I mean EVERYTHING. Every mirage, illusion, tale is replaced with the bare basics of what is. So who the hell cares about books, those dead words which people admire, but which take them nowhere.. who the helllllllllllllll cares about books when there is real living breathing world out there?
You just don’t fucking want it bad enough. Human beings don’t want Reality because let’s face it.. an overwhelming majority doesn’t like their lives that much.
You don’t love life enough.
Hahaha, Kenneth, thanks for the laugh.

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