Jed McKenna Jed Rant: On Happiness
« on: June 10, 2017, 11:27:35 am »

I highly recommend an infinite game. Way more fun and opens up many opportunities to contribute to others in this dream… which is a worthwhile idea while you are still thinking there is such a thing as others. After you have realize there are no others, then you will probably play on for the shear joy of playing.

The ‘shear joy of playing’ never takes into account others. All played in the Infinite Game is played with one aim in mind – a benefit to Self. This is the reason  Jed placed the Infinite Game and No Others in the same paragraph.

Often those ‘others’ believe that they benefit from and are helped by the Infinite Game player, which results in feelings of gratitude and reinforces the hook mechanism.

This is a flawed perception. An infinite player has no intention of rendering help to anyone. By the act of playing itself he/she gains from the Game. Gratitude and praise from others is one such form of gain, but there are numerous other forms, if the Game is set up efficiently.

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