Kenneth is shaping Reality again. This thread titled ‘Unwise Fool’ appeared and was gone today, 06.09.17.

Note the trend: first re-write over the original message, then delete the thread all together. What kind of internal reaction do you think a normal human will experience? That of inner disappointment, which reinforces the connection.

Do you know that negative connections wield that much more power over your psyche than the positive ones? This is the reason why people often leave negative feedback for goods and services, but if the service was good – they simply do not bother.

Watch the formation of the negative connection in action:

06.09.17 Near 106.09.17 Near 206.09.17 Near 3

The tread was gone within two hours of the last message left by the user ‘Near’. Back to business. This level of manipulation is fascinating to observe.

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