Those who watched the IG forum and the Scammer thread drama that played out a few weeks ago, may have seen that some reactions on the forum were predictable and dumb in the extreme. The sheep felt grateful to the shearer for being sheared, which is perfect in a strange way: they need each other.

However, forum interactions have considerably reduced in number since, so perhaps I need to give credit to humans for processing the information in ways that made some of them pause and think.

I also found a lot of humour in some posts. This particular post below made me laugh.

28.08.17 Arturo Adya

Well the only problem I see is that we have outsourced our enlightenment expectations to sources in  a 3rd world country and that doesn’t contribute to jobs and economy in our countries. For those of you in the US, you can transfer your importances from Kenneth/Jed in Cambodia to Adia$hanti & Wife locally and … make your contribution to build the Peac€ room .

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