From today’s (27.08.17) member post on IGF:

Scammed 7 Arturo

Nav series Scam? wow How about Adyashanti that brought his wife mukti to teach and enter the business? Is he going to bring Grandmashanti and uncleshanti too (bloodline enlightment?)? what about  doing a cruise in Hawaii with  E. Tole and his Chinese wife for a long weekend? is that legitimate, honest business?. Maybe if you cannot afford the cruise you can go to se E Tole in a conference with Chaman Miguel Ruiz (who was participating in C Castaneda workshops before he decided to become a teacher who “inherited the wisdom of a long lineage” and by the way he is trying to pimp his son into the business). If we really get critical about behavior and really get to the bottom of everything, the whole field would be dragged down with the whale .

Get really critical, yes. Question everything.
There is no gateless gate leading anywhere, invisible or not. There are no invisible or seen ‘gurus’, as there is no ‘nowhere’. There is here. Make sure not to miss it.
The whole point of the EM website is the above. I have nothing to add to this.

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