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They always come back. Here is someone who did the Nav Series.

Floris Back again « on: August 16, 2017, 03:50:56 pm »

Hi Jed,

Before asking anything just wanted to tell you that I found myself here again.
I was on this forum before, 1/2 years ago or so. Then became a nav-student and after mailed you that I would stop mailing you there. Which must be like 8 months ago or so.

So err, hello Jedness, good writing you again. Not sure if I’ll be able to get something like a question out to get something started here.. How longer you ponder on what I should actually ask/say to you, the more obvious it is that something to ask is made up, just the slimmery (is that even a word?) intent to have something to ask seems to swoosh around hiding. So my challenge is to not think to much and be to critical with what nonsense gets writing here otherwise nothing would get written. At least this way some nonsense comes out which could result in a good way. Jeez, just wanted to say hello first and what you get is a parade of bullshit right from the start.

Jed suggests that Floris could write to him privately, which she declines. But after another long post of hers Jed subtly insists:

Jed McKenna Re: Back again « Reply #7 on: Today at 06:38:56 am »

Hi Floris:

I would like to assist/point but it would involve other skills and contemplations you have learned form the series. Please write me t and we can continue with you work. It also assist me in staying organized. Thanks in a advance, and I suggest you lay of the mushies for a while.

Love ya, Jed.

There are many returnees that I have observed over the past two years. Some come back with the same name, others change it or open another thread and…. continue with work.
I would like to write more about the Nav Series, but I never took part. I am aware of the cost, the format, the conditions of participation, the initial email contents. Someone once said to me it was just a condensed, cleaned up version of current prevailing spiritual teachings. It includes SKYPE sessions with Kenneth, but those are decided arbitrary by him and are not guaranteed. Neither do I know the format of those sessions: face to face? voice calls? SKYPE messaging?
The Jed Hook remains however. I wonder if Floris will fall for it again. I think – yes.
P.S. He did.
Floris Screenshot He did

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