All is Lie” said Jed

Cambodia, Sihanoukville Hammock

An image of a wise being is extracted from many words in books, forums, personal communication and public appearances. The immersion in a ‘teacher-student’ relationship obscures one simple fact: ‘a teacher’ is only a stage character and will act according to this specific role. But the human behind the teacher costume is subject to the whims of Human Condition just like every other person.

Jed the human is something different from the character in the books and the communicatively sloppy guru of IGF. An absence of the physical man and no name creates an image in people’s minds. The image of what Jed is – keeps the mystery going. There is an air of silence surrounding him, which helps to protect the image. But the image is not real.

This is not a discussion on the merits of Jed’s teaching, nor is this a place for baseless speculation.

This is a place where masks are taken off and where facts reflect true reality of the man. Facts have an ability to silently tell what/who a human is.

I do not deal in mysteries, fairytales, unicorns, alternative ‘realities’having paid my dues to the gods of delusion. The Knowing cannot be taught or learnt, bought or sold. It belongs to every individual and is available to all, but very few reach out for the last piece of the puzzle. They get stuck in the ‘spiritual’ wonderland. Humans do not want Truth. They prefer to endlessly debate the IDEA of Truth.

This is why Jed’s assertion that there are very few who have the vision to see what is going on is correct.

I am not a ‘spiritual teacher’. There will be no PayPal button on this site. There is nothing to teach, to sell or to charge for. Once all the material is published I can leave behind the story of ‘enlightenment’ and ‘Jed McKenna’.

The site and this account will stand on its own as a testament to the Grand Illusion.

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