Get It Got It

  Rudy asked me a few questions here that I would like to address. But before I do... I used to live near places like that photo above. I lived in a town, but it was surrounded by the rolling green hills, narrow country lanes, cute villages and tiny hamlets with an obligatory old church … Continue reading Get It Got It

Stick Your ‘Peace’ Where The Sun Don’t Shine

  Let's cut to the chase. Every human runs on various degrees of depressive states, all of which are well represented in language: depression, melancholy, sadness, despondency, desolation, misery... and there seems to be no end in sight. It is not the well-recorded clinical depression of medical manuals when one sees no reason to get … Continue reading Stick Your ‘Peace’ Where The Sun Don’t Shine

Human Failure To Attend And Presence

The word 'to attend' has its noun counterpart - attention. By nature I have a great attention to detail, which, I always presumed in the past, was just as natural to other humans. But it was slowly discovered through experience that most people skim the surface of any activity they are engaged in, be it … Continue reading Human Failure To Attend And Presence

To (Some) Brainless IG Forum Members

Below from IGF member StinkyTheSmell: StinkyTheSmell: Dear, sensitive friend, Jed. (I know who You are, but "I"'ll never tell. Please don't delete this post. I'm violating forum rules in defence of my True friend. Folks reading this (into cospiracy theories, agents of the dreamstate, bored lurkers, Televisa Presenta drama queens and kings): Forum Jed McKenna … Continue reading To (Some) Brainless IG Forum Members

Who By Fire

One more on Death. This is Leonard Cohen's 'Who By Fire'. It is about the many ways in which we will meet Death. No one knows. It is inevitable. All will end. But how one will die is really immaterial. From Conscious Awareness the only question worth answering is how one wants to live. It … Continue reading Who By Fire

On Memento Mori

Someone asked me 'You had a death experience at 8 and then again at the age of 40 and you write that it was like what Ramana had at 16. What happened?' I had a few close encounters with physical death, but nothing compares to that first conscious seeing of Boundless Emptiness beyond. At eight … Continue reading On Memento Mori