Jed Talks #4 And Purity Of The Promise

It has been less then a month since Jed Talks #3 came out. Yet, we have the next proposed title: Jed Talks #4 "Beauty Enough To Stop A War", to be out by 2021. As mentioned before, Wisefool Press is publishing a book roughly every 1.5 years now. The first trilogy that expressed everything that … Continue reading Jed Talks #4 And Purity Of The Promise

Dance Macabre. Why Not?

Coincidentally, today is exactly five years since the loss of the blindfold. The purpose of this website has never been to position self as a 'spiritual teacher', because wisdom and maturity cannot be taught... to gain followers, because the thought of 'following' makes me shudder...  to make 'friends' out of some imaginary sense of loneliness, … Continue reading Dance Macabre. Why Not?


The shit has finally hit the fan. However.. not all as it seems 🙂 I am going to leave it at that for now, for folks to contemplate the illusory nature of this human mind made Reality 😉 it is beautiful and ultimately - never ending.  

How To Edit Out Reality, By Jed McKenna

Last night forum members commented on a thread created by Signature (member name) titled 'Sexapades In Cambodia'. They did it because I contacted around 40 people (the limit of what was allowed in two hours) and let them know about this website. Kenneth has policed the forum all day today, observe how the thread changed … Continue reading How To Edit Out Reality, By Jed McKenna