Jed Talks 2: A Medley Of Real And Unreal

The book is a thoroughly cooked medley of spiritual abstractions AND a solid grasp of the real. 'Jed' is also somewhat fixated on medical issues, and no wonder: mid-fifties and over is the time when the arrogance of the young body has been ripped to shreds with the first onset of physical decline. It is … Continue reading Jed Talks 2: A Medley Of Real And Unreal

The Great Wheel Of Life Re-Invented

THE deepest understanding of humanity sends me from the Egyptian Middle Kingdom to medieval castles of Europe to the heaps of trash on the streets of SE Asia to the Moon landing to the future human expansion into space to the inevitable cognitive immortality of future humans... Internal travel is easy, and the bird's eye … Continue reading The Great Wheel Of Life Re-Invented

Jed McKenna Evolution

Every time I read a passage from one of Jed McKenna books I feel two things. I feel a shrill sense of love for the measure of simplicity afforded to his otherwise complex mind. His very precise expressions are borne out of clarity and lucidity, the very qualities I personally appreciate in human minds at … Continue reading Jed McKenna Evolution

Words, The Feeble Construct Of Mind

The result of Jeddism is destruction of ability to think and question, but not in the way it should have been destroyed. Most of you have been fooled into willfully parting with the one and only tool that sets you apart from other animals: your Mind. You gave your Mind to another and let it … Continue reading Words, The Feeble Construct Of Mind

‘I Know How It Ends’

I struggle for words.. I struggle because at some point I would have to deliver an excruciating blow to those who desperately want to believe that Kenneth and 'Jed' are two different entities. Those upholding an image of an honest, straight talking, non profiteering man somewhere in the USA who wrote brilliant books and now … Continue reading ‘I Know How It Ends’

Reality Has No Contenders

The disconnect between Reality and its psycho-cognitive representation springs from the human Mind which, unlike the body, is ill-equipped to cope with the demands of survival. Humanity has been collectively losing its marbles ever since the first imaginative thought was consciously recognised as a separate creation, probably somewhere among the drawings in the Lascaux Cave. If … Continue reading Reality Has No Contenders