Jed, Importance Of Feeling And Perfect Darkness

Sounds contradictory, right? What the hell....... Jed eschews feeling!! What are you talking about??.... It looks that way on the surface. Not true. What you see is not what you get. The angst of the first book is what resonated with me FIRST. If you cannot feel that twisted wrapped sense of total dissolution of … Continue reading Jed, Importance Of Feeling And Perfect Darkness

Jed McKenna: Truth Or Compassion?

Nothing is ever black and white in the world. On the one hand........... ............... there is the man whose eyes opened in 1991 and who tried to find his feet in this world thereafter, from rebelling against authorities.... to selling the rebellion packaged as 'kits'..... to 'educating' the public about (financial) matters..... to setting up … Continue reading Jed McKenna: Truth Or Compassion?

Gods Of Delusion Smashed

   I've paid my dues to the gods of delusion - in full. An evolved Sun is truly not concerned with leaving a mark, desires no recognition. No dent has been left in Reality of this existence - by anyone. Tutankhamun, a boy king, remembered for... THE MASK. As spectacular as it is ( I … Continue reading Gods Of Delusion Smashed

Animal Origins of Humanity and Awakening

Before we can love Life and all in it, we have to SEE it for WHAT IT IS. Or else it’s a fallacy, the same as saying ‘I love this new dress I ordered’, while never having opened the box in which it arrived. A life of an idealist is that of a fool’s paradise … Continue reading Animal Origins of Humanity and Awakening

Harsh True Nature Of Reality

People follow religious traditions believing this path will take them to Enlightenment. Well… they’ve got it backwards. They don’t question what Enlightenment IS and what it is they are TRULY after. Here is THE question which every person will ask themselves eventually..... what is the meaning of it all? What the hell am I doing … Continue reading Harsh True Nature Of Reality

Awakening Starts From The Basics

Truth is uncomplicated and always the bottom line. ….the primeval Unknown – the Unknown of Death.. You dance in this world as you know it, but what’s ‘over there’? Don’t rely on what any tradition tells you, because the fact is – WE DON’T KNOW. That’s your primary fear. Don’t believe it? Wait till you … Continue reading Awakening Starts From The Basics