More On Holotropic Jed: L’Infant Terrible No More

Well, fuck me. I am THOROUGHLY disappointed by what Jed wrote. So of course then, being me, I need to understand why that was the case. Here goes.. First... science and terminology To make it clear... there are no words such as 'holotropy', 'jeddism', 'autholysis' in relation to mind. AUTHOLYSIS is the breakdown of all … Continue reading More On Holotropic Jed: L’Infant Terrible No More

Hippies, Drugs And Enlightenment

The tropical storm is coming to Cambodia from Southern Vietnam. The temperature has eased off to 29 degrees, a rare state of no sweat. The wind is beginning to pick up, tomorrow there might be torrential rain and flooding. Cool. I remember once feeling somewhat chilly and even throwing on some clothes as I tend … Continue reading Hippies, Drugs And Enlightenment

Jed McKenna And Survival Of The Fittest

"The only way to get rich from a self-help book is to write one." God Is My Broker, Christopher Buckley I would add that the only way to remain blind to Reality is to keep reading those self-help and spiritual books. If any of you are of the illusion that spiritual books are NOT in the … Continue reading Jed McKenna And Survival Of The Fittest

Words, The Feeble Construct Of Mind

The result of Jeddism is destruction of ability to think and question, but not in the way it should have been destroyed. Most of you have been fooled into willfully parting with the one and only tool that sets you apart from other animals: your Mind. You gave your Mind to another and let it … Continue reading Words, The Feeble Construct Of Mind

This Is The Truth

“The great European charlatans of the 16th and 17th century mastered the art of cult making. Just like us they lived in a time of great transformation. Organized religion was on the wane and science on the rise. People were desperate to rally around a new cause or faith. The charlatans had begun by peddling … Continue reading This Is The Truth

Abnormality Of Human Reality

I have been asked many times now why I am running this site. I gain nothing out of it (losing, if anything), no one will believe it, people will dismiss everything, one can't change Reality... etc... etc... The question comes in various guises, and I gave my answer a few times, but it doesn't seem … Continue reading Abnormality Of Human Reality