Jed Talks #4 And Purity Of The Promise

It has been less then a month since Jed Talks #3 came out. Yet, we have the next proposed title: Jed Talks #4 "Beauty Enough To Stop A War", to be out by 2021. As mentioned before, Wisefool Press is publishing a book roughly every 1.5 years now. The first trilogy that expressed everything that … Continue reading Jed Talks #4 And Purity Of The Promise

Curiosity Drives All (Even Jed McKenna)

In "Enlightenment: The Damnedest Thing" 'Jed' character once speaks to his audience in the house with the following: "All right, you got me. I spend a lot of time just killing time. I play video games, read books, watch movies. I'd say I probably blow several hours a day that way, but I don't see … Continue reading Curiosity Drives All (Even Jed McKenna)