Words, The Feeble Construct Of Mind

The result of Jeddism is destruction of ability to think and question, but not in the way it should have been destroyed. Most of you have been fooled into willfully parting with the one and only tool that sets you apart from other animals: your Mind. You gave your Mind to another and let it … Continue reading Words, The Feeble Construct Of Mind

The Lie Of ‘All Will Arrive’

Clarity of Vision is the only true measure of Enlightenment, the rest are simply human sales techniques. Tano   This was posted on EM Facebook page: "I enjoy your 'exposing Jed' blog very much. He's still very true to what his books preach tho. I'm looking forward to something that would in any way contradict … Continue reading The Lie Of ‘All Will Arrive’

There Is No Teaching

Tell them that there is nothing to understand. - U.G. Krishnamurti What is the difference between Jed McKenna and U.G. Krishnamurti whom Jed liberally quoted throughout his books? In the level of Seeing - there is none. Both men realised there was nothing to realise. But their respective choices of what to DO with the … Continue reading There Is No Teaching

Gods Of Delusion Smashed

   I've paid my dues to the gods of delusion - in full. An evolved Sun is truly not concerned with leaving a mark, desires no recognition. No dent has been left in Reality of this existence - by anyone. Tutankhamun, a boy king, remembered for... THE MASK. As spectacular as it is ( I … Continue reading Gods Of Delusion Smashed

Meditation Lies

Meditation will not take you anywhere, and you can spend decades chasing ‘internal peace’. If anything, meditation is about subjugation of energy, not for utilising  it for true potential.. Inside your body the energies (hormones) will rush, the blood will circulate taking them around. If you are anything like me – it will be there … Continue reading Meditation Lies