Limitations of ‘Cogito, Ergo Sum’ And C-Rex

This is for those of you who grapple with theories and whose intellectual bend won't let up. Let's look at something real in relation to this famous Descartes statement and elucidate some true content. I replied in one of the comments here that the statement is only correct in one context: when applied to human … Continue reading Limitations of ‘Cogito, Ergo Sum’ And C-Rex

A Quick Note II To Justin

Justin, Rationality, critical thinking, honest inquiry, discernement, a healthy sense of self (not the flailing defensive ego of the newly 'spiritualised'), an open mind, curiosity and an ability to go further - are not found in either the Invisible Guru or that other forum. Both trap humans in their belief of 'attainment', and this is … Continue reading A Quick Note II To Justin

The Great Wheel Of Life Re-Invented

THE deepest understanding of humanity sends me from the Egyptian Middle Kingdom to medieval castles of Europe to the heaps of trash on the streets of SE Asia to the Moon landing to the future human expansion into space to the inevitable cognitive immortality of future humans... Internal travel is easy, and the bird's eye … Continue reading The Great Wheel Of Life Re-Invented

Monkey ‘Freedom’

Below is EXACTLY why I keep saying that 'Jed' books are dangerous to an average representative of the human race. What's with the rules and the laws? Believe you me - I hate regulations whose scripts attempt to prescribe the tiny minutiae of my existence. BUT, dear monkeys...  not all rules and laws are evil. … Continue reading Monkey ‘Freedom’

Words Negate Reality: At Silence Point

Below is U.G. Krishnamurti's last talk recorded a few weeks before his death.  I have never read this before, but it resonates because much of it (not all) I have come to recognise from own experience. Since it had been expressed already, I saw no need to rephrase. Krishnamurti was a much misunderstood man. He … Continue reading Words Negate Reality: At Silence Point

SAND Witchcraft And Wizardry

A non dual chicanery convention of Science and Nonduality (aka SAND) starts tomorrow in San Jose, California. A 126 strong cadre of brainwashing professionals will look to mingle among the like-minded, as well as to enlighten the sleeping masses. In its mission statement SAND declares the following: With the Scientific Revolution, empirical discoveries began to … Continue reading SAND Witchcraft And Wizardry