The Enlightenment Myth, aka Tano is on holiday until next year. I am doing a motorbike road trip for three weeks, so the opportunities for online presence are limited. The motorbike, the road, the camera and absolutely no pre-booked arrangements. A beautiful, once in Eternity chance to live, an open road ===> Life. Thank you … Continue reading Holidays

Love Ya

It was expressed to me that introduction of Peter Sweeney as another player in the 'Jed McKenna' should result in further investigation and more details added to the story. Of course, his presence is only new to you, as I have been looking at the man for a while now. I would like to state … Continue reading Love Ya

‘Show them a good time’

Below is an extract from the kind of emails I get, where people go to great lengths to: Let me know I am a nutcase Justify everything that Kenneth (Jed) does To the first point my answer is... I do not care for any opinions that humans may have. Being called crazy is the best … Continue reading ‘Show them a good time’

A Taster Of Jed McKenna

A little taster for you, folks. Jed and his friend in Pussy Riot Bar. This is a girlie bar in the adult entertainment area of Sihanoukville. Jed is a small frame man and looks bigger than what he is in real life. He is the one on the right wearing a white shirt. His friend … Continue reading A Taster Of Jed McKenna

Enlightenment, Alan Walker And Trance Music

Jed McKenna once said this to me: "Endlessly entertaining, but then, that applies to everything." to which I replied "Not everything". And Jed said "Really?" and I said "Really". Not everything is entertaining in the Dream. Jed has no responsibilities and has the means to entertain Self in the playground. But not everything is, and taking … Continue reading Enlightenment, Alan Walker And Trance Music