The Enlightenment Myth, aka Tano is on holiday until next year. I am doing a motorbike road trip for three weeks, so the opportunities for online presence are limited. The motorbike, the road, the camera and absolutely no pre-booked arrangements. A beautiful, once in Eternity chance to live, an open road ===> Life. Thank you … Continue reading Holidays

Abnormality Of Human Reality

I have been asked many times now why I am running this site. I gain nothing out of it (losing, if anything), no one will believe it, people will dismiss everything, one can't change Reality... etc... etc... The question comes in various guises, and I gave my answer a few times, but it doesn't seem … Continue reading Abnormality Of Human Reality

Reality Versus Truth?

I wanted to write about this one for some time, and I would like to invite those who come from a non-English speaking backgrounds to contribute. You can do so in comments. In English the two (Truth and Reality) are separated, split into two words.. but here is an interesting thing..  in Latin there is … Continue reading Reality Versus Truth?

A Taster Of Jed McKenna

A little taster for you, folks. Jed and his friend in Pussy Riot Bar. This is a girlie bar in the adult entertainment area of Sihanoukville. Jed is a small frame man and looks bigger than what he is in real life. He is the one on the right wearing a white shirt. His friend … Continue reading A Taster Of Jed McKenna

Post Awakening – Life Begins in Earnest

I live in Sri Lanka now. It's been four months. Awakening takes away fear - of Life. I spent a few hours up at Koneswaram Temple which is only a five minute bicycle ride from me. It stood here since 400 BC, one of the sacred sites for Hindus, and is mentioned in Mahabharata. I … Continue reading Post Awakening – Life Begins in Earnest