Monkey ‘Freedom’

Below is EXACTLY why I keep saying that 'Jed' books are dangerous to an average representative of the human race. What's with the rules and the laws? Believe you me - I hate regulations whose scripts attempt to prescribe the tiny minutiae of my existence. BUT, dear monkeys...  not all rules and laws are evil. … Continue reading Monkey ‘Freedom’

More ‘Enlightenment’ ($$$) From Jed

Looks like another book is in the pipeline. It is well concealed yet, but being me... Hmmm... Jed aficionados, "Away From The Things Of Man" is the next title. The meaning only applies to - you, who seek and not find, while Jed has figured it all out, is NOT away from the things of … Continue reading More ‘Enlightenment’ ($$$) From Jed