The Onion Network And Secure Mail Users

Seeker, Proxies, VPN servers and tor exits are fairly frequent on this website, but I will not reply to correspondence originated from Tor nodes. I simply don't have the technical 'know-how' and the time to deal with potential cyber probes, nor is there a team of knowledgeable techies supporting this site. Hence, the conservative approach. … Continue reading The Onion Network And Secure Mail Users

Forget Another’s Words: Own Insight Takes The Biscuit

I had a number of emails from someone young whose mind hasn't yet calcified to the point where prising it open becomes a torturous and painful for them process. This young person has just realised something I brought up many times here on EM: "The world we experience is an illusion and a dream in … Continue reading Forget Another’s Words: Own Insight Takes The Biscuit

Readers’ Emails

I receive one or two emails a day and reply to all. However, those of you who lie - will receive a kick in the teeth, in the same way Jed once said in his book 'I will do them a favour of kicking them in the teeth'. I smell insincerity a mile off from … Continue reading Readers’ Emails

The Dreamscape: Mission Accomplished

In my post TR interactions with people in various stages of 'attainment' I saw very clearly that the majority of people post TR become incredibly fake, inauthentic in the way they conduct themselves. What??! Shouldn't it be the other way around where humans have seen what is, and fall into their natural state - naturally? … Continue reading The Dreamscape: Mission Accomplished

The Jed Hook Mechanism (Part II)

This part is about what happens as a result of being hooked on 'the message' or 'the messenger'. One becomes a cult member. Yes, hard to see this in the midst of all the manipulation that takes place. 'Who, me??? A cult member?? Never! It is just a group of people who want to know … Continue reading The Jed Hook Mechanism (Part II)

‘Controversy Is Good For Business’

Part of me thinks that Jed wants me to carry on with the website. He made no effort to remove certain things from certain places.  It means two things: he wants me to write, and he is sure it will contribute to his brand building, as long as he remains physically out of reach to … Continue reading ‘Controversy Is Good For Business’