More On Holotropic Jed: L’Infant Terrible No More

Well, fuck me. I am THOROUGHLY disappointed by what Jed wrote. So of course then, being me, I need to understand why that was the case. Here goes.. First... science and terminology To make it clear... there are no words such as 'holotropy', 'jeddism', 'autholysis' in relation to mind. AUTHOLYSIS is the breakdown of all … Continue reading More On Holotropic Jed: L’Infant Terrible No More

A Kenneth McMordie Poll

In my recent discussion on the activities of the Invisible Guru forum I was asked what I had in mind as a form of pursuit. It is clear that legal recourse is not an option, for the following reasons: 1. It will be impossible to prove legally that we are dealing with an impersonator and … Continue reading A Kenneth McMordie Poll

“I will Take Leave Of You”

"I will take leave of you" Richard Rose The author of McKenna books has been wise in wanting to have absolutely nothing up close and personal with his readership: no exchanges or correspondence, no forums, discussions, blog writings, no question/answer sessions, skype, Facebook groups, interviews... zilch, zero, naught, nil, nada. Nothing. It is the most … Continue reading “I will Take Leave Of You”

Niz, Lin, Jed – On Enlightenment Absence

“There is no such thing as enlightenment. The full appreciation of that fact is, itself, enlightenment.” Nisargadatta (that guy who no one really listens to, because if you did - you wouldn't followhis teachings. But, paradoxically, thousands 'follow') Not there yet? Repackaging 'enlightenment' in a way accessible to modern day humans (what 'Jed McKenna' has … Continue reading Niz, Lin, Jed – On Enlightenment Absence