Jedvaita Coming Soon To The Dream Near You

I want to refer to what I wrote here exactly a year ago: I am very sure that if mass media and relative freedom for individual expression existed during Jesus’s times he would also have published a piece or two, instead of putting himself through the rigors of ministry, wandering around in the heat and … Continue reading Jedvaita Coming Soon To The Dream Near You

Monkey ‘Freedom’

Below is EXACTLY why I keep saying that 'Jed' books are dangerous to an average representative of the human race. What's with the rules and the laws? Believe you me - I hate regulations whose scripts attempt to prescribe the tiny minutiae of my existence. BUT, dear monkeys...  not all rules and laws are evil. … Continue reading Monkey ‘Freedom’

Glorified Monkeys

This was inspired by a short exchange with someone and the comment they made: 'I think faster than I type too. That's why I've talked about these interactions in real time. Getting all the quirks and pleasures of being person to person. It won't happen. We are all spread across the world here which I … Continue reading Glorified Monkeys